Oden's Lakrits Extreme White Dry - Review. 3 November 2014.

I've been catching up on our reviews lately, and the latest batch has been snuses that are exclusive to OdensSnus.com. We have a lot of readers in Europe who buy from them quite often, so I wanted to get reviews caught up that are only sold from OdensSnus.com.  These aren't for sale via the web stores that sell to the US, so these reviews are for our friends overseas. The Oden's Lakrits brand is one of my two favorite lines of licorice flavored snus, the other being General Licorice. In the past I've reviewed all the other GNT licorice/"Lakrits" flavored snuses including Oden's Lakrits Los, Oden's Lakrits Original Portion, Oden's Lakrits Extreme Original Portion, and Oden's Lakrits White Dry.  I greatly enjoy the Oden's Lakrits line and really dig the flavor that they put into these snuses.

When you open a can of Oden's Lakrits Extreme White Dry the aroma is very distinctly licorice, but it smells like a sweet, black Jelly Belly jelly bean. It's smells great! The portions being "White Dry" are a little bit dryer than a white portion, but not totally lacking moisture. They're quite soft and feel great in the lip! The taste is a straightforward licorice flavor. Like the aroma, it tastes just like a Jelly Belly black jelly bean - slightly sweet but with the flavor of black licorice. It's really flavorful stuff and a snus that I'm a big fan of. Being an Extreme Portion, it comes in at 22mg/g of nicotine, so it's a little stronger than your average snus. If you enjoy the licorice taste, but want in a strong white portion, this is definitely one to pick up.