10 November 2014

Catch Dry Eucalyptus White Mini - Review. 10 November 2014.

A little over 5 years ago, one of the first snuses I reviewed was Catch Eucalyptus. It was the third Swedish Snus I ever tried. Back then I was into minis, so I'm surprised it has taken me 5 years to review the mini portion format. To be honest, there aren't many eucalyptus flavored snuses out there. Other than this one and the full sized Catch Eucalyptus there's Offroad Eucalyptus White Mini, Offroad Eucalyptus White and part of the Thunder 2014 Limited Edition - Thunder Eucalyptus. I don't use eucalyptus snus very often, except when I have a cold. But I know quite a few folks that use it, so I wanted to get this review out there. I did an order with The Northerner and threw a can in there to try out. The product description says, "A fresh taste of eucalyptus and mint."

When you open a catch of Catch Dry Eucalyptus White Mini the first thing that catches the eye is that these portions are a little dryer than standard white portions. The aroma that comes through is a mellow smell of eucalyptus with a slight hint of peppermint. The flavor is very much the same as it's larger portion brother, a fresh taste of eucalyptus, a slight hint of mint and a little cooling sensation. It's a pretty refreshing snus. It's not something I would use regularly, but when I have a cold the Catch brand is one I usually reach for. If you're a fan of the eucalyptus flavor, this would be a good one to check out. If you're not, it's always good to have a can on hand for cold season!

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