29 January 2013

Swedish Match News - 12 Fresh Mint White Strong Long and N&J Crushed Ice White. 29 January 2013.

As usual, Swedish Match is among the first to lead in 2013 with new releases. We recently reviewed Madison Avenue and Catch White Peppermint Strong and now they're back with what we knew was coming. A new mint snus is coming to the Lab Series, 12 Fresh Mint White Strong Long. I don't have any images yet, just the news, but once I do I'll be sure to share it. It's interesting they jumped from #7, but let's try and do the math on it - I'm assuming some of the numbers were used as placeholders for General Long series.

01 Original
02 Strong
03 (General Long) (Assumption)
04 (General Long Sterk) (Assumption)
05 White Strong Long
06 Extra Strong Long
07 Extra Strong White Long
08 (General Extra Strong Long) (Assumption)
09 (General Long White Extra Strong) (Assumption)
10 ???
11 ???
12 Fresh Mint White Strong Long.

Perhaps counting in Swedish is different, I dunno.  Or maybe 10 and 11 are placeholders for something new that we're yet to see.

The Nick & Johnny series is adding a new release, Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Extra Strong Mint. The longest name I've ever seen in a snus release to date, that's 8 words for those who are counting. While we're at it, what happened to Below Zero? Crushed Ice came in early 2011 and Below Zero came towards the end of 2011. I dunno. The mysteries of the snus world. That being said, I would expect these to be available soon. I'll have the new 12 Mint Fresh Strong Long tomorrow for review, and I'm sure the new N&J will be out soon as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. A while back I was doing some background research on the origin story of Nick and Johnny and stumbled across this - a pic of Nick Swisher and Johnny Damon. Could they be the Nick & Johnny that this snus is named after?  Their handshake routine was pretty edgy.

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