Catch Collection - Madison Avenue (Limited Edition) and Catch White Peppermint Mini Strong (Discontinued) - Reviews. 24 January 2013.

I'm going to be reviewing two different snuses today I picked up from BuySnus, since they're both Catch Mini I figured I'd just do it in one article. If you haven't seen the new Swedish Match mini cans (well, I say new, they've been around a while now), this is a comparison for what they look like. They're cute, little, and fit in your pocket quite well. I imagine these are geared more towards the ladies who don't want to lug around a big man-can all the time, or for men who think a regular can is just too bulky.  These being Swedish Match White Portion snuses, they come in the familiar star formation that is common to all white portion snuses released from Swedish Match.  The first - Catch Madison Avenue is a special edition/limited edition release.  The Catch Collection releases several snuses throughout the year for a limited time - and since last year they've been doing a "Streets Of New York" theme.  The next is Catch White Peppermint Mini Strong.  These names are getting longer and longer - almost on par with General Extra Strong Long White.  To be honest, most mint snuses are starting to run together so for me to review a mint snus I have to make sure I don't use any mint based toothpaste or gum before hands and drink only water and have no food for an hour before, just to make sure my palette is completely clensed. And as I'm doing two mint snuses today, I had to do this back to back to make sure the flavors didn't run together.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

First, let's talk about Madison Avenue. The subtitle says "Rich Mint", and to be honest - I wasn't sure what to expect. Coming in at 4mg/g of nicotine, the description says, "The new Catch Collection - Madison Avenue, with a minty flavor and hints to chocolate and caramel, simply delicious! The mini portion has a discreet fit and is dry on the surface for a fresh feeling and long lasting flavor release."  The aroma is a fresh chocolatey smell with hints of cool mint.  The taste is very interesting.  After a few portions I noticed that it has a mint taste, not a spearmint taste.  The taste is less sweet than most mints I've had - if I had to compare it's like a mild General Mint dialed back on the sweetness.  There's a rich chocolately taste in the background - it kinda reminds me of Thunder Chocmint with the Andes Mint thing going on, but not as strong.  It's not bad, if this were a full size I'd love to get more of it - I ran through all my Chocmint and it's one of the only mint snuses that I could use on a regular basis.  Double barreling these, though, may be a worthy substitute.  It's a really good flavor - if you're into limited edition releases, definitely check it out - and if you're a fan of Chocmint, this is one you have to try.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Okay, palette cleansed, onto mint snus #2. The description lists it as, " A discreet, mini-sized white portion with clear peppermint flavor, a hint of vanilla and dark chocolate. Dry pouch providing a fresh feeling, moist snus for a long lasting flavor release."   I've discussed it before - but there are different types of mint - there's spearmint and peppermint.  This is a peppermint snus. To relate to others - Thunder Frosted is spearmint, Thunder Cool Mint has a peppermint taste. They taste different in regards to the bite, how clear the taste is, the freshness factor, the smell. This one has a very sharp and minty smell and a definite bite in the taste. It's not too sweet, and has a nice salt balance.  The taste is very clearly peppermint, obviously, but not as sweet as candy peppermint would be.  This, being a strong mini, comes in at 12 mg/g.  There are a lot of women out there who use minis for discretion, and some men, but want a stronger nicotine kick.  This will definitely do it for you.  I usually double barrel minis to get a more full experience and caught a buzz pretty quickly from doing that with these.  The tobacco taste is very mild - and I can pick up clear hints of vanilla, but the chocolate was lost to me.  Even after working through half the can, I never picked it up.

That being said, both of these are good snuses.  I'm not the biggest fan of mint anymore, haven't been for quite sometime, but I do use them on occasion, especially after brushing my teeth.  I miss Chocmint greatly, it was a great snus, and I've found that Madison Avenue has a taste that is much more similar, but milder.  Catch Peppermint Mini Strong is great for those of you who use minis for discretion, but want a stronger nicotine kick.  They're on sale now, so check them out if you're interested!