25 September 2012

New Look For General Snus. 26 September 2012.

I've talked about it before, but recently during our visit to Washington DC to meet with Swedish Match, we were shown the new and improved cans. Say what you will about them - I'm sure some of the more traditional users may not like them, but I think this is a much needed step in the right direction for Swedish Match. As you've probably noted, the new long portions - General Long, General Long Sterk, General Extra Strong Long have all adopted this throwback General text and a more simple but classy can design. The natural next step is, of course, to move the rest of the product line in that direction. I think the new cans look good - they're simple, classy, and have a uniform design that matches the rest of the product line. They're using the word classic now. For example, General Original Portion here is now called "General Classic Portion".

General White Portion, shown here, is now called "General Classic White". I think this is a good move for SM, and I really dig the new cans. They also come with the phrase "The Original Swedish Snus Since 1865", and the new 3 star mark on the side, which is standard issue on Swedish Match products now. If these aren't available yet, look for them to come to webstores soon.

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