General Extra Strong Long Portion Review. (Discontinued) 8 February 2012.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.  It has been replaced with General G3 Slim Original (Extra Strong).

After the rush to make the strongest snus a few years ago when companies were going up to 15ish mg/g nicotine give or take, a new snus rush has happened. First came Skruf XTra Stark (which was recently discontinued in loose, by the way), then Oden's Extreme, then 06 and Thunder Frosted Raw, and now General Extra Strong Long. The one question I've been hearing a lot is how does the flavor profile compare to the General Recipe? Is it more General Long flavor profile or General Ekstra Sterk flavor profile? The General Long flavor profile is great - it's the traditional General taste but with hints of the 0102 series. It's a natural/earthy flavor mixed with the General recipe. General Ekstra Sterk is great as well - the classic General recipe but with a major pepper kick to it.

As far as the flavor profile goes of General Extra Strong & Long - it's much of the same. The aroma is very reminiscent of the General Long series, a very mellow but present citrus aroma. The taste is much like the other longs, the classic General taste profile - though not as zesty/strong as General White/Sterk, not as spicy or bold as General Ekstra Sterk. It's right in the middle, but a little more pronounced than the other long portions. I know, that sounded complicated but hey, it's the best way I can think to describe it. The flavor is earthy and natural but with the classic taste of General - citrus, a spicy pepper kick (more noticable than in other longs, but not as much pepper as General Ekstra Sterk), and a mild salt balance. The nicotine is the clear winner here. Though I try not to do many strong portions - Swedish Match makes their free nicotine levels very apparent, and this snus is no different. I mean, damn. It's strong. Even some of the Swedish Match folks we kicked it with this past week said it was too strong for them. So if you like long portions and want a classic Swedish taste but with enough nicotine to kick your teeth in - this is definitely one to look into.

NOTE: In addition to the G.3 I mentioned above, you could also try General Extra Strong Original Portion, it's also a banger. purchase link -


  1. Finally tried the ES Long, like it, but still the flavor of Original ES is the one for me.


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