24 August 2011

Skruf Xtra Stark (Slim) Review (Old Review) - 24 August 2011.

NOTE:  This is the old review for this product.  In 2017 we posted a new, updated review which you can access here.

It's interesting how reviews usually work out. Seems like I can go a month or two without anything much to talk about, then suddenly a ton of new stuff comes out at once. My next review is of the new Skruf XTra Stark (Slim). This release is the newest in a line of slim portions released by Skruf, following the newest Slim/Fresh Mint snus they released. I personally am very excited to see more companies embracing the long/slim portions - as these fit perfectly and are truly the most comfortable way to enjoy snus. This release is a long portion version of their XTra Stark, which I reviewed in February of 2010. The can is much like the mint Skruf, a sleek grey looking can with the four dots to denote a strength level of 4 - which is the strongest on the SkrufScale of Power. This is the first version of a current product that they have released a second version in long form. We'll see if this follows in any of their other variants. So, moving along to the new release from Skruf - Skruf XTra Stark (Slim) Portion.

One thing I've always enjoyed about Skruf is their inclusion of rose oil in the recipe. While they have a traditional and classic bergamot snus, the inclusion of rose oil pairs really well with it and adds a lot to the recipe. Skruf XTra Stark, having 19mg (estimated) of nicotine is one of the 3 strongest snuses in the world - along with 06 by Swedish Match and Oden's Extreme by GN Tobacco. These portions are really unique - they look like a mix between white and original - still a little white but with dark moist tobacco seeping through. They're very comfortable in the lip, however, and the taste is spot on with Skruf XTra Stark Portion, rich tobacco with a bergamot flavor mixed in and hints of rose oil. The classic Skruf taste but now in a long portion. Very good stuff - especially for Skruf fans, if you want a long portion this would be right up your alley. I'm hoping those holding out on releasing long portions will begin to move forward with this new endeavor, as it truly is the most comfortable way to enjoy snus.

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  1. You forgot to mention Thunder RAW, which is stronger than 06.