Oomph Citrus & Menthol (6mg portion) - Review (Discontinued). 8 May 2009.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I was unpleasantly suprised today with a new snus. I saw a package today that said "Northerner", and for the life of me I couldn't remember what I ordered form them that SnusCentral.com didn't have. Well here it is. Oomph (formerly Wise) Citrus & Menthol. The FIRST snus I got that I didn't like. The can was dirty when I got it, like dust from shelf life or just a dirty environment, I wasn't very pleased. When I opened up the can, the inside was dirty as well, but I didn't see any burst snus pouches. So I don't know how that happened. I thought, "Well, ok, I'm sure this snus will be worth it." The container boasts whitening, breath freashening, citrus and menthol. I thought this would be a GREAT snus. It's not. The pouches were dry, I'll be honest, it looks worse than Camel Frost. The snus looks like gunpowder - completely dry. When I put it in, no flavor, no aftertaste, no buzz, nothing. It's like inhaling through a straw and pretending it's a cigarette. I got nothing out of this snus. So I can't add on this is a good transitional snus, or a great first snus, all I can say is, it's snus. That's about it. No smell, no buzz, no taste. Didn't do it for me, at all.


  1. I am trying the Oomph 3mg snus now and I am pleasantly surprised. The "dust" is probably baking soda which is added to the snus. You have to leave this snus in your mouth for 5-10 minutes before you get through the baking soda and start getting a nice clean citrus taste. The nicotine hit is fast but small. This snus is probably aimed at people trying to stop smoking and are looking for a way to get through the worst of their cravings. I really dont want to stay addicted to nicotine forever and am hoping to switch to this snus when my supply of General Original has been depleted. Give it another shot!

  2. If you're wanting a better Energy Snus, definitely try Elixyr Energy. It's a great one!


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