06 June 2009

Thunder Frosted Extra Strong - Review. 6 June 2009.

When I first came over to snus from smoking, I was a menthol smoker. So naturally I was more attracted to the mint flavor profile than the tobacco centric flavor profile. Thunder Frosted Extra Strong portion was one of the very first snus products I ever bought a roll of, and for several months was a frequently re-ordered product. Thunder Frosted is one of V2 Tobacco's most popular products, and one of the most popular mint flavors in the snus world.

The product description says, "Thunder Frosted has a very smooth long lasting spearmint taste. Thunder snus is made from the best hand selected tobacco leaves. Comes with double lid for spent portions."  When you open a can of Thunder Frosted, the aroma that comes through is a very fresh spearmint aroma with a faint hint of sweetness.  The portions have a good moisture amount so be prepared for a little drip.  When you put a portion in your lip there is an immediate cooling sensation that comes on, and a nice little tingle!  The taste is a refreshing taste of spearmint with a little bit of sweetness to it and just a faint hint of tobacco in the background.  This is a 16mg/g snus so be prepared, it's quite strong.  V2 Tobacco does a great job with their free nicotine levels (the amount of nicotine your body can actually use from a pouch of snus), so it's going to hit pretty hard if you don't do a lot of stronger snus portions.

Thunder Frosted is a great snus - it has a great price, a refreshing spearmint flavor and a solid nicotine kick.  If you're a mint snus person, definitely grab a can to see what all the fuss is about!

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