Kardus 2011 - Preview. Updated 7 October 2011.

UPDATED: 7 October 2011
Luxurious Kardus snus – a colorful tribute to Brazilian carnival - This year’s version of the luxurious Kardus snus is called Carnival Blend and is a colorful tribute to Brazilian carnival, passion and pleasure. The tobacco is grown in selected plantations in southern Brazil and the flavor is from the country’s national liquor – a fruity cachaça. Swedish Match is continuing its tradition of introducing Kardus, an exclusive snus in limited edition, in connection with Father’s Day. The tobacco, which is grown in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is ecologically cultivated and air dried. It has been laced with Sagatiba Velha, an award-winning cachaça made from pure, freshly squeezed, sugar-cane juice. The combination of ingredients has a pleasurable impact on all senses. “The fragrance is a complex blend of newly ground coffee and a delicate nuttiness, soothed by a sweetness that is reminiscent of figs. The flavor is a combination of spicy oak tones, herbs and new-mown hay,” says Conny Andersson, who is a tobacco expert at Swedish Match.

This year’s product is a glowing tribute to carnival, fiesta and happiness, which is particularly reflected in the extravagant packaging. This year Swedish Match decided to make 800 boxes (600 for Sweden and 200 for Norway). The Kardus will be released in the end of October (week 43). Only 100 boxes will be available online.

The end of year period is always a great time for snus. Not just because we see the Christmas flavors return, but because Swedish Match releases their limited edition Kardus snus. More info is coming soon, but to preview what I know so far, Swedish Match says - "This year’s Kardus stimulates the senses and delights the palate, with a unique profile that evokes the spirit and joy of Brazil. Finely selected Brazilian tobaccos, from the southern Rio Grande do Sul state, are craftfully blended and gently aromatized with cachaca, providing a flavor and finish that only this national liquor can give. With Kardus, Brazilian Carnaval comes alive in Sweden." More info and pictures will be coming soon, but for now there is a little preview to get your taste buds going for this fabulous snus!

FYI - For those wondering what cachaca is - Cachaça is a liquor made from fermented sugar cane. It's pronounced "ka-SHAH-suh". I've heard it called before "Brazil's answer to rum". If you may not know, rum is distilled from molasses. Apparently the Brazillions weren't ones for waiting for molasses to distill, so they began using straight sugar cane. If you've ever had raw sugar cane - it smells a lot like that but with that tinge that tequila has. It is usually mixed - but in and of itself it has a clear and slightly smoky taste until the end which has a slight burn as you swallow it, not a spicy burn but rather like Red Hots - or that drink "After Shock" if you've ever tried it. Not so much on the cinnamon, but the burn is similar. It usually isn't consumed straight, but is usually mixed with fruit juices or some other flavors. It is very popular and is (last time I checked) the third most popular consumed spirit in the world. If you've never tried it, pick some up and check it out. The spirit is commonly mixed into a "Caipirinha".

Until then, check out my reviews of the last 2 years Kardus snuses, and if you've never tried Kardus make sure you check it out this year. It comes in los - and even if you're not a losser, this is something ever snus user should check out.

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