Kardus 2009 Review Part 2. (Limited Edition) 23 Nov 09.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

If you're unfamiliar with Kardus at this point, I have two articles full of information from Swedish Match about what Kardus is here and what makes Kardus so special here. You can brush up on Kardus facts there. Kardus is a great snus, and alot of love goes into making it. A snus expert is on staff at Swedish Match who ensures that each years Kardus offering is unique, and exquisite. This years Kardus is no exception.

My initial review of the packaging is available here, which will tell you a little about how Kardus comes to you. The packaging is very cool, and very special, so this article will tell you what you get for the money you're spending. The snus itself IS worth 50-60$, in my opinion, but to take it up a step, Swedish Match packages it in a beautiful wooden box. Now, I wanted to do all this ahead of
time so Part 2 of the review would focus just on the snus itself.

Looking at Kardus, you can tell it's different than any los snus you've ever had. It's a very dark color, and the tobacco is hand cut rather than ground, and resembles pipe tobacco. Immediately upon opening the can, a very strong aroma comes through of pure rum. And the difference is obvious. Not just in the snus, but in the rum. The rum used to flavor Kardus is a special Guatemalen rum that was stored 23 years in oak barrrels and is regarded by many as being the finest rum in the world. It's like nothing I've ever smelled before, and is simply beautiful.

Kardus, as mentioned earlier, isn't ground like tradition los snus. It's hand cut, which is one of many steps that go into making it to ensure it's a step above the rest and lives up to it's name. Many people prefer to handbake it, however a pris CAN be formed using an Icetool. The pris stays together just fine, so those of you who can't handbake can still use a portioning tool. The flavor of Kardus is just as amazing as the beautiful rum smell you are met with the moment you open the can. A gentle, pure tobacco flavor which is the result of the blending of Argentinean and Guatemalan tobacco. The pleasant flavor of the rum used. These elements of Kardus blend together and the subtle hints of nutmeg and hazelnut that are in Kardus lay mildly in the background, but mingle in the most beautiful way with the tobacco mixture and rum, perfectly balanced by a mild taste of salt. The flavor of Kardus may sound complex, but all these flavors blend together to form a flavor that is uniquely Kardus.

Although I missed out on the 2008 Kardus, and comparisons have been drawn by those who have tried the two, I can say that I greatly enjoyed Kardus and can tell the difference in this and other snus offerings. Kardus is a top of the line product, and I something I greatly enjoyed.