17 June 2011

General Extra Strong Review. 17 June 2011.

Launched in October of 2008, General Extra Strong was at one time the strongest snus on the planet. This was before the "ultimate which snus will kick your ass" race that began shortly thereafter spawning such beastly snuses as Skruf XTra Stark and Oden's Extreme. Weighing in at 15mg per portion, General Extra Strong comes in an original portion, and a legit, sexy black can. It's taken me a while to get around to trying and reviewing this, but I figured it was about that time. Last I heard it was Larry's favorite snus. In the past I've reviewed a lot of General variants - General White, General Silver, General Maxi, and General Onyx. What's interesting to note about General is that the recipe is virtually the same in all their snuses - you notice the "classic General taste" when you try anything with General on the label - but it's the blending of pepper, salt, and citrus that differentiate each one. Some are heavier in some areas than others. General Strong White has a very strong citrus/lemony taste to it, whereas General White is more mellow and subdued. They're all unique in their own right.

What turned me on to General ES is that I heard it has a strong peppery taste to it, which is one thing I've come to like most about Oden's Extreme. But whereas Extreme doesn't have citrus in the flavor, this snus does. So I figured it'd be a welcome change of pace when I wanted to mix things up a bit - wanting a strong snus but one with a citrus flavor and that pepper taste I've come to love. The aroma is very much like General Portion, the classic General scent is very present with a bold smell of citrus. The portions are quite moist and very comfortable in the lip. The taste is less salty than other General variants, but with a much more present peppery taste. The citrus flavor is very bold and very present as well. One thing I like about this is something I enjoyed with General White in the past - the taste lasts quite sometime, as does the nicotine hit, I've kept one in up to the 2 hour mark, which is something I can do with very few other snuses. There is very minimal drip, I've noticed. All in all, General ES is a very well rounded snus with a bold citrus taste and the classic General formula. Light in the salt, heavy in the pepper. Quite enjoyable!


  1. funny...I can´t figured out citrus :-/ anyway, the snus is really good!