17 June 2011

General Extra Strong - Review. 17 June 2011.

Review Updated: 9 November 2018 

General Extra Strong was launched in October of 2008 and was once the strongest snus on the market. Nowadays, 14mg/g is considered a "strong" product, and there are products on the market that go up to 45mg/g of nicotine. However, when I started in 2009, there weren't many options for high nicotine levels. The demand wasn't there at that time. Those who wanted high nicotine would use this, or Thunder Frosted, for example. Now, 10 years since it was launched, General Extra Strong is still a very popular product. Since we're celebrating it's 10 year anniversary, I figured it was time for a revisit of this product!

The flavor description for this snus says, "A strong and spicy snus with a subtle smokiness and an element of citrus typical of the General snus recipe." This snus comes in a 22g can with 20 portions for 1.1g portions. The nicotine content is 14mg/g (1.4%) which increases due to larger portions to 15.4mg/portion.

The aroma of this snus is a present smell of bergamot accompanied by a rich, earthy tobacco smell and a hint of pepper. General ES has plump, moist portions that are quite comfortable in the lip and quickly release flavor. The taste is a lot like General Original Portion, if you’ve had that one before. There is a present flavor of bergamot, and then an earthy, deep, slightly smoky taste of tobacco. Being a General product, there’s also tones of pepper in the background and a little salt, as well. I also want to mention, the bottom of the can says there is lakrits in this snus, but I never notice it. The flavor, on average, lasts about 45 minutes. The nicotine, though it is called an extra strong, feels to be at the strong level. It has a little kick stronger than regular strength snus, but isn’t too strong.

If you dig the classic General flavor and want something with just a little extra nicotine, this is a must try!


  1. funny...I can´t figured out citrus :-/ anyway, the snus is really good!

  2. I don’t know if there are different versions of this or what it was in 2011, but my can (and swedishmatch.se) has it with 1.1g portions (15.4mg/portion). Also 22g/20=1.1g.

    And I love it! Classic.