Cranberry Snus Deathmatch! Offroad Cranberry (Discontinued) vs Skruf Tranbrar (Discontinued) 16 May 09.

Cranberry Deatchmatch! A battle of two cranberry snus products. Offroad Cranberry vs Skruf Cranberry.
16 May 09.

I had about 10 new cans of snus show up today, so alot of reviews will follow, but first, I wanted to jump right to the cranberry, as it is what I was most excited to try.

I decided to try these two at the same time so I could rate them and see how they compare. Without opening them both at the same time I'm going to sample them one by one, and in seperate sittings, recording my thoughts on each one so I can try them and see what I think.


Offroad Cranberry. 

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

These are in the original portions, and upon opening the lid I noticed them to be pretty good sized, each portion full and evenly distributed. They are, however quite dry, so prewetting should be done. Upon putting one in, I realized it to be slightly uncomfortable, but the immediate taste of cranberry took my mind away from that. The can has an interesting smell, it's like glue mixed with cranberry (weird, i know!) and a slight hint of Swedish Snus. Onto the taste. This portion is very good, I'm very impressed. After hearing such positive comments about skruf cranberry, I wasn't sure I was going to like this, but it being the "inferior" snus (according to what i've heard), I figured this to be the best one to try first.

The flavor stays strong, all the way through. 30 minutes in, and the cranberry is still kicking. A nice, mellow buzz with a fruity taste in my mouth would be great with a strawberry daiquiri, or even a hurricane, in my opinion. I haven't tried it with either, but I think it would be a great mix. This portion has no drip, even with pre-wetting, I didn't have a single drip the entire way through the product. The taste has started to mature into something interesting....crunchberries! I really like this, because Capt. Crunch Crunchberries are delicious. I have no complaints so far about this snus, with the exception of the dry portions. Upon removing the portion, I noticed a slight salty aftertaste, which could be assumed. Nothing strong though. All together this wasn't a bad, intermediate snus, and next step from beginner snus to intermediate snus.


Skruf Cranberry. 

NOTE:  This review is of the Original Portion version of Skruf Tranbar (Cranberry), which has been discontinued.  If you would like to try it, you can purchase it in White Portion or in Slim Portion (White) format, but no longer in Original Portion.

I like this can, it's slick, it's white, it's cool. The portions are small, slightly larger than mini portions and VERY moist. A very strong smell immediately hits me when I open the can, and it's a very pleasant blend of Swedish Snus and Cranberry. I put the portion in and was greeted with a nice, smooth taste of cranberry. It almost tastes like that Cran-Grape drink. The taste from Skruf Cranberry fades really quick. It didn't last as long as the Offroad Cranberry. Which was a suprise for me, because I've heard good things about Skruf. The portions are smaller, which could play a part in it, but the portions looked to be of a higher quality, so I'm a little suprised by this outcome. It seems as though Offroad has named a jab to the chin of Skruf Cranberry! Flavor punch! After 30 minutes in, almost no taste remains. Offroad Cranberry is standing strong in the center of the ring while Skruf is staggering about. It appears as though Offroad is about to charge Skruf. 30 minutes into this snus, the flavor is pretty much gone. It appears as though Offroad has scored a TKO. Offroad Cranberry snus is the victor! Upon removing skruf, I noticed an overly salty taste, not like the mellow, slightly salty taste I was left with when I removed Offroad. This concludes our broadcast of the Cranberry Snus Deathmatch!
Below, you can see the difference in products.  The left, the more dry Offroad Cranberry, and on the right, the more moist Skruf Cranberry.  In the end, this didn't make a difference, as the Offroad Cranberry came out on top.


  1. i got the same exact experience with the scruf tranbar too...except for me it was salty and bitter after the flavor faded


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