27 April 2011

Ettan is coming to America! 27 April 2011.

Starting May 2, Ettan Snuff and Pouches will be launched in following locations and stores. Pittsburgh, PA at select GetGo and CoGo locations. Boise, ID at select Big Smoke locations, and Portland, OR at select Plaid Pantry locations.

This is good news. I've heard from a lot of folks in the US that don't really dig General (I don't see why not, it's good stuff....but that's another story), and don't want mint, but want a more natural tasting snus. You guys are gonna love Ettan. Ettan White Portion was one of the first snuses I tried and enjoy, and I've always spoken highly of Ettan Los (which is basically what Ettan Snuff is), so I am really excited to see this coming to the American market so people in the US can be exposed to more varieties of REAL snus.

If you're in those select markets - keep an eye out for this snus chiller at those select retail locations. It keeps your snus cold and fresh. Try both - because you really can't go wrong with Ettan, in any format. Portion, loose, snuff, whatever it's called - Ettan has a great tradition and a wonderful flavor.


  1. Extremely fine product. Extremely misguided marketing.

  2. Yes, I agree. They make it look equivalent to Longhorn or Kayak dip(cheap American snuff.) As much as I love snus and would like to buy it in a more convenient fashion I kind of like the non-flashy approach. I all so like how they are targeting tobacco/cigar shops rather than Hess, Citgo, Mobil etc. I take pride in my snus and when it comes down to it I do not buy it for the can so I guess I kind of like the approach in a way. Then again I feel like they just took the prettiest vagina and put the ugliest face on it.

  3. I hope the American Launch is a success but hope tobacco users dont mistake it for a copenhagen snuff like experience.