06 June 2009

Ettan (White Portion) - Review. 6 June 2009

Ettan Vit (White Portion) is one of the products people suggested the most whenever I came over from American "SNUS" to Swedish Snus. I enjoyed Camel Mellow "SNUS" but was looking for a Swedish Snus with a similar mild tobacco flavor.  Ettan White Portion definitely fit the bill! The product description says, "Full-flavoured, slightly smoky and an unseasoned scent of tobacco. Close to the original Ettan, but less runny due to the dry white portion surface. The snus itself is moist, for a long lasting flavor experience. Portions neatly packaged portions, Swedish Match's so-called star formation."  Ettan is one of the oldest brands of Swedish Snus on the market, so when you have this snus in your lip, you're tasting Swedish Snus heritage!

When you open a can of Ettan White Portion, you'll notice the portions come arranged in the Swedish Match star formation, which is how their premium white portion snus portions come. It's really neat and classy looking.  The aroma of this one is a really mild, gentle, earthy tobacco smell with a slight hint of chocolate.  Being a white portion, the flavor comes on a little slower, but it does have more endurance and lasts longer than an original portion.  The taste is a mild, earthy tobacco taste with mellow hints of chocolate.  It doesn't really have a peppery taste to it, but I do notice little hints of salt which help accentuate the flavor of this snus.  Ettan White Portion is a great snus, and it's one of the first products I ever ordered a roll of.  Whether your new to snus or a seasoned snus user, Ettan is one of the best products on the market and I definitely suggest everyone try it out!

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