Kardus 2009 - What makes it so special? 28 Oct 09. (updated 2 Nov 09)

Kardus 2009 is almost here. Alot of people are wondering, should I pay 50-60 bucks for a can of snus? What makes Kardus 2009 unique? Why is it a snus like no other? Well, Kardus 2009 is truly a labor of love. Alot goes into this snus to yield some truly amazing results. This year - only 500 cans were made. Alot of attention goes into every single can that is released to ensure Kardus has a quality that lives up to the name that this yearly release is known for.

The 2009 Kardus Superior Blend contains Argentinean (from Salta, at the foot of the Andes), and Guatemalan tobacco. In the Nueva Concepcion and La Maquina area (in the southwestern part of Guatemala), a special tobacco that is air-cured in barns built from eucalyptus trees was found that has chocolate, nut and fruity notes was found and chosen to be a companion to the Argentinean tobacco.

What makes Kardus so special? Well, the techniques. Everyday snus is ground, and the tobacco is crushed, for most snus. Much like a chef knows that garlic will taste different if it is sliced or crushed, the makers of Kardus know the cutting method will yield a better tobacco. The entire tobacco leaf - including the stalk, is used in production. In Kardus, however, only the actual tobacco leaf itself is used in production. The tobacco leaves are cut, rather than ground. This has a large effect on the taste. This provides are more mild and complex aroma. Kardus uses the long cut method, which produces something similiar to pipe tobacco. After being cut, the tobacco is "sweated" and salt is added, and then the next step.

Kardus 2009 is flavored with a dark Guatemalen rum that was stored 23 years in oak barrrels. This rum is regarded by most as the finest in the world, having a deep, pure flavor, much like a Cognac - but having hints of hazelnut and nutmeg. When this snus is stored, these aromas mix with those of the tobacco blend, and mature to a tropical, Caribbean aroma.

Kardus 2009 is now available for preorder. If you missed out last year, or are new to snus this year, Kardus 2009 is a snus like no other. A " a Very exclusive snus for the true aficionado." Below is a new press release from 2 Nov 09 with a little more info about Kardus.


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