30 June 2020

Small Batch 15 (Tropic Colada) White Portion - Review. 30 June 2020.

Swedish Match has released another new flavor in the Small Batch series, and this one comes just in time for the summer! The 15th (well, actually 16th if you count the Chef's Edition of Small Batch) release is Tropic Colada!  If you're new to Small Batch, this is how Swedish Match describes it: "We at Swedish Match have produced thousands of products over the course of a few hundred years. Our experts are experts in the correct sense of the word. But they have not been tired of developing new ideas. In order for them to get that opportunity - and for Swedish snusers to be able to share it all - we now launch a new range of products called Small Batch, where the flavor is replaced several times a year. Each flavor is produced in a small edition."

The flavor description for this one says, "Tropic Colada has distinct tones of fresh mango and green coconut along with hints of sun-ripened citrus, air-cured tobacco and hints of resin. A clear and tangible flavor without concealing the main ingredient - tobacco."  Each can comes with 24 white portions in the star formation, weighing 1 gram each.  The nicotine content isn't published, but I'd assume it's in the regular strength to strong range.

When you open the can, a gentle aroma of coconut greets you, along with hints of chocolate and mango. There's a faint, tart citrusy hint in the background, as well. The portions are soft, plump, and feel great under the lip. I do suggest fluffing them, as usual, because it makes these star-formation portions more comfortable. The flavor is quite tasty, it's just like being on the beach with a tropical beverage! The mango and coconut flavors are in the front, and come through quite clearly. Behind it, there's a mild chocolatey character, along with subtle hints of earthy tobacco. The nicotine strength on this one isn't listed, but it feels to be around the regular strength level. The flavor lasts quite a while; usually I can enjoy this one for up to an hour on average!  Of the 15 (or 16) Small Batch products I've had so far, this one ranks at the #8 spot for me!  Below, you can find a list of all the Small Batch flavors we've had so far, and see my rankings for the entire series.

Small Batch Releases (Links to Reviews)
1/2018 - Small Batch 1 - Champagne
2/2018 - Small Batch 2 - Blood Orange
5/2018 - Small Batch 3 - Apple Mint
7/2018 - Small Batch 4 - Raspberry Licorice
9/2018 - Small Batch 5 - Coffee
10/2018 - Small Batch 6 - Svensk Skog
12/2018 - Small Batch 7 - Orange/Chocolate
3/2019 - Small Batch 8 - Gin/Pepper
5/2019 - Small Batch 9 - Banana
6/2019 - Small Batch 10 - Rosé
8/2019 - Small Batch 11 - Popcorn
11/2019 - Small Batch 12 - Grapefruit
12/2019 - Small Batch Chef's Ed. 1 - Punsch
1/2020 - Small Batch 13 - Salty and What?
4/2020 - Small Batch 14 - Citron and Lakrits
5/2020 - Small Batch 15 - Tropic Colada

My Rankings of Previous Small Batch Releases
1 - SB#2 - Blood Orange
2 - SB#4 - Raspberry / Licorice
3 - SB#14 - Citron / Lakrits
4 - SB#12 - Grapefruit
5 - SB#7 - Orange / Chocolate
6.  SB#9 - Banana
7 - SB#5 - Coffee
8.  SB#15 - Tropic Colada
9.  SB#10 - Rosé
10 - SB#1 - Champagne
11 - SB Chef's Ed. 1 - Punsch
12 - SB#11 - Popcorn
13 - SB#8 - Gin / Pepper
14 - SB#3 - Apple / Mint
15 - SB#13 - Salty and What?
16 - SB#6 - Svensk Skog

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