05 April 2020

Thunder Xtreme Discontinued - Give Us Jakobssons! 5 April 2020.

Yesterday, SnusCENTRAL.org broke the news that Thunder Xtreme Snus would be discontinued effective April 15th, 2020. Thunder Xtreme is a line of snus launched in the US in 2018 that was grandfathered and released thanks to Swedish Match's 2017 purchase of V2 Tobacco.  This line launched with Thunder Xtreme Original, Original Strong, and Red Strong.  It would grow and add two new additions in late 2019, Thunder Xtreme Mint and Thunder Xtreme Wintergreen.  What made these products special was that they were the only strong snus products sold in the US.  They added more variety for US consumers who enjoy buying locally.

So, that got me thinking. Do you know who else Swedish Match "owns"? In 2018, they bought a majority share in Gotlandssnus, makers of Jakobsson's Snus. Many Jakobsson's products are FDA approved, and could be grandfathered/sold in the US. Imagine, the Swedish Match distribution machine behind Jakobsson's like with General Snus! I checked Northerner.com's US Warehouse, which only sells FDA approved products, and found they sell Jakobsson's Mint (Strong), Jakobsson's Wintergreen (Strong), and Jakobsson's Melon (Strong). Some of you may also remember Jakobsson's Classic (Strong), which used to be sold in the US and had a great original flavor!

So, I made a petition to Swedish Match, asking them to bring Jakobsson's Snus to the US, and use their full distribution force behind it.  I know,  petitions seldom work, but I figured it was worth a shot.  I personally buy online, but I know a lot of people buy locally.  I know a lot of people don't even know what snus is until they find it in their local store.  And with Thunder Xtreme gone, there is a big hole for snus with strong nicotine, a hole that Jakobsson's would fill quite nicely.  So please, sign the petition, and let's see if we can get anything to happen with this!

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