17 April 2020

Kapten Lingon (White Mini) - Review. 17 April 2020.

Lingonberry isn't a common flavor in snus. For the longest time, Göteborgs Rapé Lingon was really the only one around.  Lingonberry, for me, isn't a flavor I can do full time, but it is one I enjoy on occasion.  AG Snus in Denmark appears to have noticed a lack of lingonberry flavored snuses and felt like that needs to change.  They released Kapten Vargtass, a lingonberry cocktail flavored snus in late 2019. This one appears to be a mini version of that, going by the flavor. I saw it recently at SnusMe.com and felt like giving it a go! The flavor description says it has a "taste of lingonberry". Each can weigh 8 grams and has 20 portions, for 0.4g portions. The nicotine content is 12.5mg/g (1.25%), or 5mg/portion (since they’re minis).

When you open the can, a present smell of lingonberry greets you, with a light touch of menthol. The portions are smaller, because they’re mini sized, and soft to the touch. I personally have to use two of these whenever I use this snus. There’s also a nice cooling presence in the lip when you put one in. The flavor is mostly lingonberry, but with a light cooling presence due to what I think is menthol. With two, the nicotine strength feels to be about regular strength, so I imagine one is comparable to regular mini snus strength. The flavor, on average, lasts about an hour.  It's a pretty tasty snus, and I'm glad to see more lingonberry products on the market.  If you like mini portion snus and want something a little different, check this one out!

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