06 July 2015

Göteborgs Rapé Lingon (No2) - Review. 6 July 2015.

Göteborgs Rapé, or Goteborg's Rape, or sometimes GoteRape as it is often called, is produced by Swedish Match. Göteborgs Rapé is the 2nd most popular brand on the Swedish market, last time I checked. There are four main flavors of the GR brand - Goteborg's Rape, Goteborg's Rape Lingon, Goteborg's Rape Lime and Goteborg's Rape Hjortron.  This product was originally called Goteborg's Rape No2, but was changed to Goteborg's Rape Lingon when more flavors were added to the GR lineup.

I usually try to keep my reviews simple, but since we have a lot of American readers and Lingonberry isn't something very common in America, I feel I should explain a little about the berry this flavor is based on.  Lingonberries are very popular in Scandinavia, I've heard it said that lingonberry is to Scandinavia as blackberries are to America. I've had it in crepes and syrup at IHOP - so if you're curious that's the easiest way to get it, it's also very common in jams here in America. Lingonberry is rather tart, and at times reminds me of a cranberry but a little sweeter.

Göteborgs Rapé No2 Lingon is a Swedish Match white portion - which means it comes in the star formation common to all SM white portions. The portions are in a wedge shape, so after taking it out of the can a little fluffing is needed to get it ready to put into your lip. The aroma is more fruity than standard GR, with a little hint of lemon coming through and a slight floral scent. This stuff smells so good, it's hard to take your nose away from it. The taste is, like GR1, very unique. The lingonberry is very present, slightly tart and mildly fruity with an earthy/herbal quality to it. There is a slight floral taste in the background and little hints of lemon all brought together with a nice salt balance. I pick up hints of juniper, as well however it is in the background. This snus is sweeter than normal GR. There is a little peppery taste in the background, but it's not strong at all and it pairs quite well with the other flavors in this snus. GR No2 is, like normal GR, a very complex snus, but a great one to throw into the mix if you want to have an alternative to your regular rotation.

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