04 April 2017

G3 Volt (Super Strong) Slim White Dry - Review. 4 April 2017.

Swedish Match has officially jumped on board the super/ultra strong snus train with their latest release, G3 Volt (Super Strong) Slim White Dry. This also marks Swedish Match jumping into the white dry category. Though, it could be argued that they were in the game before others started doing white dry. They've had Catch Eucalyptus White Mini, Catch Licorice Dry White Mini, and General Mini Mint White Dry Mini on the market for many years. But this is their first non-mini white dry product. The product description says, "General G.3 VOLT Slim White Dry Super Strong is a strong snus from Swedish Match. Tastes clear of peppermint and contain 30% more nicotine."  This product comes in a 16.6 gram can with 24 portions, for 0.69 gram portions. The nicotine content is 26mg/g, or 2.6%, which breaks down to about 17.94mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a sharp peppermint smell. The portions are slim and feel great in the lip. Though it is a white dry product, the portion material itself isn't too dry to the touch, nor does it feel too dry in the lip. When you put a portion in your lip you'll get the nice, mild cooling presence along with a very light burn.  The taste is a straightforward, sharp peppermint flavor.  There is a very mild tobacco taste in the background, but I don't notice it until I've had the portion in for about 20 minutes.  The nicotine kick comes in at about the 10 minute mark. It is a very strong kick, but it isn't uncomfortable. It's a steady delivery of nicotine. Though the nicotine per portion isn't too high, it feels much stronger. Swedish Match has always done a great job with their free (usable) nicotine levels. I don't use a lot of strong snus, so I can't say how long the taste lasts as I can only keep it in for about 30 minutes. However, with most white dry products the taste usually lasts an hour to an hour and a half. A benefit of the white dry product line is that the dryer portion format and dryer tobacco allow for a longer lasting flavor!

If you're a mint fan and dig really strong snus, I'd suggest giving it a try.  It has a nice flavor and a strong nicotine kick.  I wouldn't personally use this, because I avoid really strong snus, but if that's your kinda thing you may love it!

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