10 September 2016

Offroad Gold (White Mini) - Review. 10 September 2016.

It's been a while since I've reviewed Offroad Gold. Last summer I reviewed Offroad Gold Los and last April I reviewed Offroad Gold Original Portion as well as Offroad Gold White Dry.  Offroad Gold is V2's General-esque snus with a traditional Swedish Snus flavor. V2 describes Offroad Gold as "a classic style Swedish Snus. It has a traditional full tobacco character beautifully balanced with hints of citrus. A taste that lies deeply grounded in the soul of Sweden and reminds us how true snus should be and taste. Offroad Gold offers a no compromise classical snus experience."  When I reviewed them before I was quite impressed.  However, this one slipped through the cracks!  I was browsing Northerner.com and saw Offroad Gold White Mini and had no idea this one existed, so a friend of mine grabbed a can for me from them and shipped it over for me to review.  This one is listed as having 8mg/g of nicotine, but the portions feel like they're about a half a gram each so it's around 4mg/portion.

This one reminds me a lot of the Offroad Gold White Dry. The pouches and tobacco are dry to the touch. The aroma that comes through is a present smell of citrus, a light sweetness and a little pepper. The portions are a little dry, but that allows them to last a lot longer. I found with these I was about to enjoy them in the lip for up to 2 hours. They're pretty comfortable, as well. The taste develops relatively slowly. There is a mild citrus taste, a mellow salt balance and a little bit of pepper. The longer you have it in the more you'll notice a light tobacco presence in the background. As I mentioned in my review of Offroad Gold White Dry, I'd say this one isn't a General clone, but is closer to something like Oden's 69 White Dry. If you're into mini portion snus and want one with a traditional flavor, give this one a try!

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