01 September 2010

Oden's 69 (White Dry Portion) - Review. 20 November 2015.

Post Updated: 20 November 2015

I originally reviewed this product back in 2010, but it has changed and improved so much that it's practically a new product, and I felt that it deserved an updated review. I did a big order from Snus24.com, since they stock virtually every Oden's Snus made, and I'll be revisiting a lot of older Oden's Snus reviews over the next month. The product description says, "Odens 69 White Dry Portion is a white portion with a lower humidity than ordinary white portions. Odens 69 is a snus with a classic and somewhat mild taste of tobacco. With an added saltiness the traditional Swedish tobacco snus. Nothing strange simply."

Also, it's important to note that 69 has no special meaning.  GN Tobacco numbers their products with two digit codes ending in 9, so it doesn't have any "dirty" meaning to it.  Oden's 69 was the first numbered product launched from GN Tobacco, so I thought it might mean something, but over the years as more products have launched I've noticed that it isn't anything more than a product code.

One big thing that has changed from 2010 to 2015 is the tobacco itself. Being a "white dry portion", it will naturally have less moisture than a white portion. But in 2010, they were dry to the point of being uncomfortable. Now, there is still less moisture than a white portion, but more than I noticed in the past. The quality has definitely increased in the tobacco itself from 2010 to today.

The can design has come full circle - going from an ugly hockey puck can design to the modern can design we see now.  I'll be honest, I like the 2012 cans a lot more, but the 2015 can isn't bad.  It's like a hybrid of the 2010 can and the 2012 can.  It still looks much better than the 2010 ugly hockey puck can.

When you open a can of Oden's 69 (White Dry Portion), the aroma is a very light and airy citrus smell with a little sweetness. If you've ever had Olde Ving Original Portion, it reminds me a little of that, in smell and taste, but in a white portion version.  The flavor is very present, a mild, light and airy taste of citrus with a touch of sweetness.  I don't detect any tobacco flavor, so the citrus flavor is definitely front and center.  For a value priced snus (2.18$ USD per can at Snus24.com), this one packs a great flavor.  It tastes much better than I remember from past experiences!


  1. Looks tasty, I'm going to try and get some along with my next order!

  2. This is a good Dry white Snus .. takes a little longer for the flavor to kick in (30-45mins for me ) but has a nice taste similar to general white .. probably kicked up a notch .. well worth trying. The fresh cans I have.. almost 1 yr exp date so storage for this is easy fridged or left around as you dont have to worry about it drying out so much :)