16 August 2016

Three New GN Tobacco Products! 16 August 2016.

It looks like GN Tobacco is gearing up to release three new products! Usually in the snus world the best time for new releases is the beginning of the year and the end of the year. As we are headed into the end of the year, it looks as though it's time to start getting excited about new products! We recently previewed one new product from GNT called Anglaholm, and now it appears that three more new ones are on the horizon!

All of these also appear to be White Portion, which is interesting.  In the past, GN Tobacco focused mostly on White Dry portion, but now they are expanding more to regular White Portion format.

Lenny Stark (White Portion)

Lenny is a value priced snus from GN Tobacco. In the past I reviewed Lenny's Cut (Original Portion) and Lenny's Cut Los. It appears now that GN Tobacco is adding a Stark White Portion to the Lenny's lineup!
Oden's Lemon (White Portion)

This one is interesting.  There aren't many lemon snus products on the market, so I'm quite excited about this one. There's a product called Royal Snus Lemon, but outside of that we don't have much lemon flavored snus on the market today. This is one I'm definitely looking forward to trying!

Oden's Vanilla (White Portion)

In the past I've reviewed other vanilla products from GN Tobacco: Oden's Vanilla Extreme (Original), Oden's Vanilla Extreme (White Dry), Oden's Vanilla (Original Portion) and Oden's Vanilla White Dry Portion.  This appears to be a regular strength white portion vanilla snus, which I am quite excited to try out!

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