Lenny's Cut Original - Review. 14 October 2013.

Review Updated:  23 March 2022

Over the past few years I've been going through my old reviews and updating them with new photos, and doing new video reviews.  I started doing a rating system a few years ago, so another reason I'm checkin this one out again is to give it a rating.  I've had a few requests to check out GN Tobacco's Lenny's products, so here we go!  The flavor description for this one says, "Lenny's Cut Snus is a snus with classic tobacco flavor and a small amount of citrus. The snus is named after GN Tobacco's factory manager who has mixed the snus with different finely ground tobacco varieties".  Each can weighs 20 grams and has 20 portions, for 1 gram each.  The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), or 9mg/portion.

For some reason, I don't hear this snus discussed very often.  It's not a bad snus by any means, it just doesn't seem to come up in conversation very often.  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a pretty peppery smell.  I pick up light floral notes, along with mild hints of bergamot.  The portions are pretty plump at one gram each, and they are semi-moist.  The flavor comes on pretty quickly with this one.  It's a peppery tobacco taste up front.  Subtle tones of citrus mingle in from the back.  I also detect a subtle floral sweetness that mixes in pretty well.  In terms of the nicotine strength, this one feels to be about the regular strength level.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 45 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.33/5.  All in all, it's not a bad snus.  It seems to be about the mid-tier level in terms of quality.  While this isn't one that gets talked about very often, it's a pretty decent snus.  It's also a cheaper snus.  I saw on SnusMe.com it's around 2.69 per can USD, so if you're a price conscious snuser, this is one you could consider when looking at cheaper alternatives!