28 March 2016

Oden's No3 Extreme Los - Review. 28 March 2016.

To differentiate, this is not the same product as Oden's Extreme Los, this is Oden's Extreme No3 Los. I know it may be confusing, but with the can graphics and different name I'm sure that won't be a problem. Oden's Extreme No3 Los is a similar product to Oden's No3 Los, but this is the stronger portion counterpart. It's a 40gram can with a taste description of "Pure Tobacco".  The can graphics are really cool, along with the Oden's No3 Los.  I love the glyphs on the can.

The aroma of this one is much like the Oden's No3 Los, but the tobacco aroma that comes through is a little more bold and the citrus a little more tart. The snus itself reminds me of Prima Fint or Pioneer Snuff, almost clay-like and very easy to pack a prilla.  The snus itself is average moist, and has a quick nicotine hit, it's definitely not on the weak side.  The flavor is a lot like the Oden's No3 Los, an earthy tobacco flavor with hints of citrus, it's a little more bold than than the Oden's No3 Los, but not too in your face - the tobacco flavor isn't near as bold as Oden's Extreme Los.  It has a great flavor that lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and a strong nicotine kick.  If you dig GN Tobacco or just traditional Swedish Snus, this is certainly one to try.  It isn't the usual snus where citrus is the predominant and very strong flavor, but they meld with the tobacco quite well to come through in a very mellow way.

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