15 February 2016

Swedish Match Discontinues Four Products. 15 February 2016.

Just a few months ago, Swedish Match discontinued 4 products - General Licorice, Goteborg's Rape Lime, General Strong White and Tre Ankare Mini. Now, 4 more products are hitting the chopping block and headed to the snus graveyard. Three of which I'm not too upset about - Probe Whisky Los, Probe Whisky Portion and Lab 03. One, however, is bound to upset a lot of snusers. Swedish Match is discontinuing Roda Lacket White Portion. Thanks to our friend Moe Unz at SnusCENTRAL.com for the heads up.

Probe Whisky Original Portion and Probe Whisky Los

To be honest, these aren't ones I'm particularly big fans of.  I'll be okay without these.  I do know a handful of people who use them, but not many. I assume these are being discontinued to make room for General Mackmyra, which comes in portion and los. General Mackmyra is also a much, much better snus.  These products will be discontinued "sometime in 2016".

Probe Whisky Los Review
Probe Whisky Original Portion Review

Roda Lacket White Portion

Roda Lacket was introduced in 1850 and is one of the oldest snus brands in existence.  The white portion version was launched in 2003.  This is one that I'll be missing, as it is a really unique flavor and a snus I use to mix up my rotation from time to time.  My thought on this is that we'll hear about a Roda Lacket XRANGE Slim White Portion soon.  But again, that's just a guess.  This product will be discontinued "sometime in 2016".

Roda Lacket White Portion Review

The Lab 03

Honestly, this is one that I'm not all that surprised about.  I wasn't a big fan of this and found it to be an odd tasting snus.  I don't know many people who use this one, so I'm sure this is due to poor sales.  This product will be discontinued in May of 2016.

The Lab 03 Review


  1. H-O-L-Y... F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G... C-R-A-P!... I literally don't know what to say here... although actually, I do. Swedish Match needs to CHILL OUT.
    As I wrote in a few days ago, I just gave myself a Christmas present in December and paid up the PACT fees and got in a big order from Snus24.com. Out of that order Probe portions have become my go-to snus and have effectively gotten me to completely give up Copenhagen LC. I have no idea what I'm going to do now. On top of that, based on the reviews here, I had been planning on my next order to pick up a role of Probe portions, a role of Roda Lacket portions, a can of the new Mellgren's IPA single cut and of course the new General Mackmyra when that becomes available. I am on a constant search to find the Swedish answer, ironically, to the American Copenhagen.
    The Swedish snus manufacturing scene really needs to chill on the product cycle they've got going on. While I'm sure poor sales are the reason for product withdraw in these cases, I cannot believe that they're making money by the almost quarterly (at least it feels that way) rolling out and then withdrawing of every whiz-bang new snus they come out with. We've seen what, ten + new snus products released in the last two years alone? And how many of those are still with us? It tells me there's something wrong somewhere in the production cycle... either SM is misreading the consumer base, making un-tasty products or the consumer base itself is quite fickle and mainly tolerant of bergamot-based flavor profiles because if there's one flavor we can't seem to get enough of... it's bergamot. Must be a Swedish thing.
    Well, I'm sorry to be so frosty with this post but I am p'd off big time. I love Probe. It's been around since (I believe) the early 1990's and I just don't know what to say... oh, I do... General Mackmyra better be DAMN good because I might be literally about to give up smokeless, period. I'm not going back to Copenhagen and I don't know what I'll lip in the absence of Probe, or if I'll even want to.

  2. I'm still working my way through my initial orders from January and February. I've ordered about 40 different types of snus, and I've picked up a couple of rolls that I especially liked since, but I'm only about halfway through trying them out.
    I just got around to opening my Roda Lacket portion tin, and I adore it. I'm very sad to see this is gone... Was just headed to order a roll...
    I guess this is a good time to learn about los, but it's very disappointing, as I was really thinking this would be my go-to. As a smoker turned 5-year vaper, I really enjoyed the sweetness along with the smoky, Camel-esque (the cigarette, not the snus) base flavor. I'm still primarily a vaper, but love the discrete nature of snus. I'm still getting used to it though, and I'm still acquiring a taste for it... There are a few that I like, but this was the first thing that I REALLY wanted more than a vape at times. Finally, I thought I'd found a go-to.

    Here's hoping you're right on the XRange!