12 February 2011

Probe Whiskey (Loose) - Review (Discontinued). 12 February 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I'm not the biggest fan of Probe Whiskey Portion. However, when it comes to the los format of Probe Whiskey, I find the taste to be much better! The flavor description says, "A loose snus with a mild and slightly fruity tobacco character, flavored with famous whiskies and smoke. A very smooth snus experience, although Probe might nearly be considered a strong snus due to its slightly higher nicotine content. Probe loose is easy to mold into a prilla and sits smoothly under the lip, where it provides a fast flavor release." It is important to note, that of the two whiskey flavored snus products, Probe and Islay Whiskey Snus, they both have a different taste. Probe Whiskey is a little sweeter, and is flavored with Kentucky Bourbon. Whereas Islay Whiskey Snus is flavored with Islay Whiskey and is a little more earthy tasting.  The can is a really classy looking design.  I love the gold lid Swedish Match uses on their lossnus, and the maroon can design is really elegant looking.

As with most Swedish Match los, the tobacco is very easy to handbake and work with - no tool required!  The aroma is a rich tobacco smell with mild hints of bourbon, a slight sweetness and a little chocolate.  The taste is what makes this much better than the portion format - it is MUCH more balanced.  In the los version, the tobacco taste is more present and rich, and the flavors of bourbon and chocolate are more mild and compliment the flavor of the tobacco much better.  In the portion format, the bourbon is more present and it's more sweet, but in the los version it's dialed back a tad and the milder taste works much better with the more rich tobacco flavor.  There's a slight smokiness and a little salt to it, and all these flavors blend together really well to make a tasty snus!  I know with Probe Whiskey it seems to be a love/hate snus - lots of folks like it, lots of folks don't, so I suggest trying the los and portion format to see if you like either one.  Who knows, it may be your new favorite snus!

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