Thunder Cool Mint (Slim White Dry) - Review (Discontinued) - 16 December 2015.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

V2 Tobacco is back in action with 2 new product releases to end out 2015. A few months ago, they launched Thunder Frosted (Slim White Dry), which has now launched a whole product line devoted to slim white dry portions. These portions are longer and slimmer in size than regular portions, and have less moisture than your average white portion. Two more products have been added to that line this week - Thunder Cool M (Cool Mint) Slim White Dry and Thunder Winter G (Wintergreen) Slim White Dry. I've reviewed Thunder Cool Mint (Original Portion) and Thunder Cool Mint (White Portion) in the past, and found Thunder Cool Mint to be tastier, in my opinion, than Thunder Frosted. Patrick Vogel of V2 Tobacco describes this snus as, "...a smooth and sweet mint - one that does not burn as much as Frosted."

The product description says, "The popular Thunder Cool Mint flavor in a comfortable slim portion format. White dry portions provide a long lasting and refreshing mint flavor. Thunder Slim White Dry Cool Mint has an extra strong nicotine content of 16 mg/g."  When you open the can, you'll notice that the portions are longer and slimmer than your average portion.  They are dryer than your average white portion, but not too dry.  The aroma of this snus is very pleasant! You're greeted with a slightly sweet and mellow peppermint smell.  When you put a portion in your lip there is an immediately tingling that comes on, as well.  With most white dry portions, it takes a little while for the flavor to develop, but surprisingly with these the flavor comes on quite quickly.  It's a straightforward peppermint flavor, but a little sweeter than the average peppermint taste.  The flavor is very mellow and smooth, much like Cool Mint Original and Cool Mint White.  The nicotine develops slower than your average Thunder Snus, but at about the 15 minute mark you start to feel the extra strong kick that is common of most Thunder Snus products.  

Of the entire Cool Mint line, I would say this one ranks firmly at the top for me against the others that have already been released.  The portion is very comfortable, the can is pretty neat, and the flavor is top notch.  If you're a mint snus fan, don't miss out on this one!