08 October 2012

Thunder Cool Mint (White Portion) - Review. 8 October 2012.

When V2 Tobacco opened their new factory in January, 2012, this could only mean good things for snusers. Higher quality with a more modern production line, and more new products to roll out. This year, V2 has been on a roll - releasing many new products, the latest of which has been a series of new White Portions - Thunder Frosted, Thunder Wintergreen, Thunder Cool Mint and Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White. My face is pretty tired of trying mint snus, but one thing I've always hoped would come to market was a white mint stark. Why? Because it kicks American mint "snus" products in the face. There are lots of people who love white portions but don't love the drip of original portions, and V2 mostly releases original portions. So this is a new page for them, getting more into the white portions, especially in stronger format.

NOTE:  As of November, 2015, some of the cans are saying "Cool M" on the outside instead of "Cool Mint".  

I like Cool Mint. When I reviewed the Thunder Cool Mint OP a little while back, it actually stuck around in my rotation for a little bit. The nicotine kick is strong, and the mint taste is completely fresh. More on the taste later.  The portion are the standard white portion - pretty soft to the touch and not too moist, but not too dry. They're very comfortable in the lip as well. The nicotine level is right at 16mg/g, and the nicotine kick is surprisingly quick.  With white portions, it takes a bit for the nicotine to come in and the flavor to develop. With this, I found the flavor came on quite quickly, as did the nicotine, but with very little noticeable drip. Very impressive the way V2 has done the delivery of this one. The taste isn't as strong as the OP Cool Mint, but still packs a nice little tingle along with a mellow and slightly sweet peppermint taste. The flavor is very refreshing! I've found I've been able to keep these in over the hour mark, up to an hour and a half, which is something I can't do very often with Thunder OP due to the drip.  I like Cool Mint more than any other V2 mint snuses due to the taste and this is probably one I wouldn't mind ordering again.  It has one of the most refreshing tastes of any mint snus on the market, in my opinion.


  1. I wish they would bring back Offroad cranberry. Thunder berry is too different and too wet.

    Love to try some white frosted raw. where did you get it?

    1. @heather - Check out BuySnus.com, it's where I get my snus from.