16 November 2015

Lundgren's - Redesign & Flexlid! 16 November 2015.

We have some exciting news about the Lundgren's brand! They're launching one new snus, five currently existing products will be getting a redesign, and a completely new concept is launching with this brand called Flexlid.  I'm a big catch lid geek, so I'm really excited about this.  The products that are getting a redesign are Lundgren's Skane Vit, Lundgren's Perforated Vit, Lundgren's Slim Berry, Lundgren's Slim Dark Ice and Lundgren's Slim Fresh.

First, the bad news. Three Lundgren's products are going to be discontinued. Lundgren's Mint Vit, which was a perforated extra stark mint portion, will be discontinued. Also, both forbakad (pre-baked) products will be discontinued - Lundgren's Forbakad and Lundgren's Forbakad Stark. If you never got to try these products, order some before they're gone. If you're in the US, Snus24.com may still have some in stock.

Flexlid is something that I'm surprised hasn't been thought of yet. I like a snus can with a big catch lid because I enjoy having a large amount of space to discard of used portions. But no matter how big a catch lid is, there's only so much you can fit in there. Until now.

Flexlid is a type of lid that will allow a flexible material inside the catch lid to grow and expand as more used snus portions are put into the top lid.  You will be able to fit many more used portions in this catch lid than any catch lid you've encountered in the past.  Also, if you're someone who likes to carry around a different kind of snus with you, you could put quite a few portions of another flavor in the catch lid and give yourself room to bring another snus without having to carry another can!

Check out this video for an up close look at Flexlid in action!

Fiedler and Lundgren is also launching a new product in the Lundgren's line - Lundgren's Perforated Original Portion.  I'm a big fan of original portions and I also quite enjoyed the perforated white portions, so I am very interested to see how these two mash up.  Perforated white portions have a quicker release of flavor due to the holes in the pouch and I'm definitely curious to see how a perforated original portion will be.  I imagine that the flavor will release a lot quicker than an original portion, so you'll have almost immediate taste with a perforated original portion.  But, that's just my guess.

New redesign photos:

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