Lundgren's Slim Dark Ice (Discontinued) - Review. 1 July 2015.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

The Lundgren's brand is a relatively new snus line from Fiedler and Lundgren. I've written about the Lundgren's series quite a bit in the past and I've been a pretty big fan of what they're doing in the snus world. When they launched Lundgren's Forbakad and Lundgren's Vit they launched two new formats, the forbakad snus and perforated white snus.  Forbakad is a type of pre-baked loose snus, and perforated white is a type of white portion that has holes in the pouch to allow for a quicker and more intense flavor release than common of most white portions.

There are three new products in the Lundgren's line, and they're all slim/white/perforated portions - Slim Fresh, Slim Berry and Slim Dark Ice.  All three of these products come in a new can which has a really simple look and reminds me a lot of Swedish Match's Lab Series.  The can also has some indicators for what is inside the snus can.  Slim, meaning the portion is slimmer than a regular sized portion.  White, which means the portion is less moist than an original portion.  Perforated, which means the portion has holes in it which allow for a quicker flavor release.  Soft Pouch, indicating how soft the portion is in the lip.  Strength, which comes in at a 2 out of 4 in their Pie Chart of Power.

Licorice is a very common flavor in the snus world. As with the mint flavor, virtually every brand has a licorice flavor in their catalog. My personal favorites are General Licorice and Oden's Lakrits. But being the guinea pig of the snus world, I try every snus that is released. The flavor description of this product says, "White portion snus with perforerad pouches, to enhance the flavor and fit. Has a flavor of licorice and mint."  Being a perforated white portion, the flavor comes on a little bit quicker than the average white portion and the portions are very comfortable in the lip.  When you open a can of this snus, the aroma is a mild black licorice smell.  The flavor is a straightforward black licorice taste.  Though the product description says there's a mint flavor, I don't detect it.  I think it's closer to a menthol/eucalyptus presence than an actual mint presence.  It contributes a cooling sensation in the mouth that accompanies the black licorice flavor.  It's a strange pairing but it surprisingly works pretty well with this snus.  If you're a fan of licorice and want to try a different take on the licorice flavor profile, this would be one you could throw a can of on your next order just to check it out.