26 August 2014

Three New Skruf Products. 26 August 2014.

In the coming weeks, Skruf is launching three new slim products.

Skruf Slim Fresh Tranbar Extra Stark White - A slim product with extra strong nicotine content, flavoured with fresh mint and cranberry. 

Skruf Slim Original White - A slim version of skruf original white portion.

Skruf Slim Xtra Stark White - A slim version of skruf extra strong white portion.

When I heard about these new products, I remembered that I reviewed Skruf Tranbar White Slim last year and Skruf Xtra Stark Slim in 2011, but after doing some research I found that these are no longer for sale. The other Skruf Slim products that are still for sale are Skruf Stark Slim, Skruf Slim Fresh White, Skruf Stark Polar White Slim and Skruf Sun Fresh Slim.

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