23 April 2014

Thunder Limited Edition 2014! 23 April 2014.

It feels like forever since the last V2 limited edition, Thunder Long+ Chrome in 2011.  I love when companies make limited edition products to vary up their product line, and V2 has always made some unique ones. For a refresher, I wrote a history of V2 limited editions article last year.  Well, start getting excited, because today we're proud to announce that V2 is doing another limited edition in 2014! These flavors will come in the "Mega Can", like the Offroad Julesnus 2013 Edition.  There will be 10 cans included, 2 of each taste at 19.8 grams/22 portions and a nicotine content of 16 mg/g.  The flavors included will be Caramel Vanilla, Melon, Lemon, Apple, and Eucalyptus!  The Thunder Limited Edition will be ready in about 1 month and will be available for sale on the internet and in select stores.

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