Artisan Dark Vanilla Chew Bags (White Portion) - Review. 27 May 2023.

I can't believe it's been almost a year since we launched Artisan Snus and Artisan Chew Bags!  Today, I'm reviewing one of the latest additions to the Artisan family - Dark Vanilla White Portion!  I recently reviewed the snus version, and today I'm talking about the chew bag version for the EU.  If you're not familiar, Artisan is a line I created with The Snus Factory in Sweden.  From start to finish, it's been created with the snus community in mind, and you have provided feedback every step of the way.  This is as much your line as it is my line!  The original lineup included Dark Vanilla Original Portion, but I wanted to release the white portion more.  However, the snus community asked for original, so that's what we released.  Today, we're adding the white portion version to the Artisan family, and I couldn't be more excited!  But, more on that when we get into the review.

Background and Details:
The flavor description for this one (that I wrote myself) says, "Artisan Dark Vanilla White Portion utilizes premium Madagascar vanilla to yield a rich, dark taste of vanilla".  You'll notice on the side of the can a craft seal with my signature.  I personally approve every batch!  I also like to list where we source our tobaccos from, because no one else does that.  For Artisan, we use quality tobacco from India, Guatemala, and the USA! Each can weighs 16 grams and has 20 portions for 0.8 grams each.  The nicotine content is 17mg/g (1.7%).  But, with the 0.8g portions that breaks down to 13.6mg/portion, putting this one firmly at the strong or "stark" level.  Now with all that fun background stuff out of the way, let's talk about these chew bags!

The Review:
Opening up the can, the beautiful, rich aroma of dark Madagascar vanilla comes through.  What's different about this one is how smooth it is.  I pick up the earthy tobacco base in the background, as well.  The chew bags are quite soft, and have a great feel under the upper lip.  The flavor profile is quite good.  The smooth vanilla and mild, earthy tobacco base pairs really well together.  The vanilla is much more gentle, and smooth in nature than the original portion version.  The tobacco base is dark, earthy, and gentle in nature.  The nicotine strength on this one has a solid kick, with a steady delivery at the strong level.  The flavor lasts quite a while.  We tweaked the moisture on it to give it a long life, and I can usually enjoy a portion for 1-2 hours!

Final Thoughts:
Usually this is where I do a rating, but people have told me it's weird if I rate my own products so I don't usually do it.  I really only review them because there aren't any other super active snus / chew bag reviewers out there and I like to tell people what to expect when they want to try out my stuff.  For the chew bag version, if you want to check it out, you can grab it from and  As of the date I'm writing this, it isn't available for purchase just yet, but it should be up for sale within the next week.  It's produced and shipped to the stores so it'll be online any day now.  I really like this one.  I don't use the original portion version much, but I've found I use this one a lot more.  So, if you want a smooth vanilla taste, this is the one you're looking for!

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