Simply Snuff: Boodleam (Nasal Snuff) - Review. 2 March 2023.

As a content creator and product developer myself, I always try to support others who take the time to put our content relating to smokeless tobacco products.  Today, we're going to be doing just that!  We are checking out a new line of nasal snuff products made by our friend Simon (Simply Snuff on YouTube) in collaboration with 6 Photo Snuff in India!  If you don't know Simon, he's kind of like the "Snubie of Nasal Snuff", and is very enjoyable to watch.  Over the years, I've made a number of products myself, but mostly snus.  Simon, however, now has a whole line of nasal snuff!  These are sold at, so don't forget to use our code SNUBIE for a nice discount on your order!  I'm excited today to review Simon's stuff today, and let people know about his YouTube, and his products.  As many of you know, I mostly use snus.  However, I've used nasal snuff since about 2009-2010ish.  Lately, I've started reviewing some nasal snuff here, as well.  Fun fact, I even made my own fun little nasal snuff with Toque in the UK!  Simon's line of snuff has some pretty interesting aromas, so let's get to know it better!

Product Line Description:  "Discover the simplicity of premium snuff with Simply Snuff. Our handcrafted, small batch snuffs are made with the finest ingredients. Our collection includes traditional and unique flavors to cater to all tastes. From smooth Vanilla to bold Chilli, there's a Simply Snuff for everyone. Experience the classic and straightforward snuff flavor with Simply Snuff."

Simply Snuff's Description:  "Boodleam harks back to the 1970's; a time of Hippies, Velvet Loons and Platform Shoes.  This snuff combines a quirky blend of toppings including Bitter Orange, Zingy Grapefruit, and a touch of Jasmine and Musk. The grind is medium, with a medium moisture content, and a pleasing belt of nicotine.  So, dust off those Velvet Loons, dig out your Platform Boots and take a trip down memory won't regret it!"

Can Weight:  30 grams

Opening up the tin, I notice jasmine right off the bat.  There's a slight touch of orange, and a little musk mixed in.  Looking at the photo, you can see this one has a pretty good amount of moisture.  It's pretty easy to take, and has a nice aroma release and nicotine kick.  In the nose, it's pretty floral, and the jasmine hits just right.  It's musky, and earthy.  There's some citrus on the back-end, which reminds me of orange.  I don't get a major throat hit with this one, or too heavy of a drip.  I also don't get super sneezy with it, which is nice.  The nicotine delivery is solid; it hits soon, and it has a pretty prolonged release.  In the after-effects and lingering presence, I get the floral notes, and a little musk.  It's a pretty enjoyable little snuff!

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rather enjoyed this one.  In the end, it rated at 3.29/5.  It reminds me of their Chin Chin snuff, but with more floral presence.  It definitely has a very 70's vibe to it.  I'm thinking Anchorman.  Ron Burgundy.  Sex Panther.  This snuff has a presence that I really dig.  If you want a nasal snuff with a nice presence to it that isn't like the others on the market, this is one you'll want to check out!

If you want to try these out, the entire line is available from!  Don't forget, use code SNUBIE to get a sweet discount on your order.  And don't forget to check out Simply Snuff on YouTube!