Velo Ultra Freeze (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 27 February 2023.

Usually, when I do a review, I like to do a recap of similar products I've had from the same manufacturer over the years.  But when it comes to Lyft, Velo, and the mint flavor, there's been so, so many it would take me all day to recap them.  Even looking at just the "Freeze" name, there's been a LOT of them.  And recently, BAT has launched a whole lot more mint flavored nicotine pouches:  Velo Max Freeze, Velo Ultra Freeze, Velo Cool Storm, and Lyft Cool Air Ultra Strong.  It's crazy how many there are now.  Velo Max Freeze sits at 17mg/pouch, whereas Velo Ultra Freeze sits at 14mg/pouch, so I suppose they consider "Max" stronger than "Ultra".  It is interesting to me to see that.

When it comes to this one, the flavor description says, "frosty menthol notes and herbal peppermint tones".  Each can weighs in at 14g and has 20 pouches for 0.7g each.   The nicotine content is 20mg/g in total, which breaks down to 14mg/pouch with the 0.7g pouches.  I know, for "Ultra" that seems low, but they put their "Max" product higher, at 17mg/pouch.

Well, it's time to feel the ULTRA FREEZE!  So, let's get into it and check out this product!  When you open the can, an icy, sharp, powerful aroma of mint comes through.  It's not super sweet, and has just a little dab of menthol in the mix.  The pouch is nice and comfortable, slim, with a soft fit under the lip.  Being a mint product, I get a little cooling when I put a pouch in, as well!  In the flavor, the peppermint is pretty focused.  It is icy, and balanced out with a little menthol in the mix.  It's not overly sweet, either, which is nice.  In the nicotine strength, it is a stronger one, and it has a quick kick to it.  To me, it feels to be between strong and extra strong, but closer to the extra strong side.  I find the flavor hangs out about 35-40 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

It's hard to get excited about mint nicotine pouches when there are so, so many out there.  In the flavor area, I gave it a 2.5/5.  To me, that's about average.  It's not bad, it's not great, it's just another mint Lyft/Velo product.  Overall, it sits at 3.13/5.  I know these are popular flavors, and people love strong products, so if this is your sort of thing, go for it, you may love it.  Just for this reviewer, it's not my personal favorite thing out there.

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