Velo Cool Storm (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 27 February 2023.

Usually, when I do a review, I like to do a recap of similar products I've had from the same manufacturer over the years.  But when it comes to Lyft, Velo, and the mint flavor, there's been so, so many it would take me all day to recap them.  I mean, there are pages upon pages of mint Lyft/Velo reviews here.  So, yes, I may not be super excited about this one, but I'm sure mint lovers will be rejoicing.  For this one, the flavor description says, "a powerful menthol hit, with notes of fresh peppermint".  Each can weighs 14 grams, and has 20 pouches, at 0.7g each.  The nicotine content says 10.9mg/pouch, so doing some backwards math that's 15.57mg/g in total.  Though, as we have discussed before, the mg/pouch is the number that matters because that's how much you actually feel when using the product.

When you open the can, a sharp aroma of mint greets you.  It's mostly peppermint, but has some menthol kicking around, as well.  The pouches are slim, soft, and moderately moist.  They have a nice fit under the lip, and feel good against the gums.  Being a mint product, there's some cooling that comes on with this one, which adds a little freshness to it.  In the flavor, it's a pretty balanced mint/menthol flavor profile.  I pick up menthol first, then some icy peppermint.  It has some sweetness to it, but nothing overdone, by any means.  In the nicotine strength, it feels to be between a strong and an extra strong, and has a pretty quick kick to it.  The flavor hangs out, on average, about 40-45 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

There are so, so, so, so many mint nicotine pouches out there.  I just can't get excited about them anymore.  That being said, this one ended up with a 2.5 flavor rating, which puts it at "average".  Overall, it sits at 3.17/5, which is about the usual score it seems for these stronger mint products.  While these aren't my thing, I do know people love mint, and Velo makes a high quality product.  So, if you want a mint product with a stronger kick to it, there you go.  You may love this one!

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