Lyft Cool Air (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 19 May 2022.

These products came completely out of left field for me.  As early as 2020, it began being reported that BAT would consolidate their nicotine pouch brands under the Velo flag.  Earlier this year, it seemed as though that was picking up steam.  However, within the past few weeks, a new set of products in the Lyft brand have launched in Sweden, and online.  BAT launched Barista Twist, Just Bloom, and Cool Air.  What's interesting is that none of these are new flavors, just relaunched in newly designed Lyft cans.  But more on that, later.  The flavor description for this one says, "LYFT Cool Air emulates the revitalizing sensation of a breath of fresh, icy air with its ultra-cool mint flavor".  Each can has 16.8 grams, and contains 24 portions at 0.7 grams each.  The nicotine content of the regular one is 6mg/pouch (which is 8.57mg/g total).  The nicotine content of the x-strong one is 10.9mg/pouch (which in total is 15.57mg/g).

As I mentioned before, this is a relaunched flavor.  I'll describe it in the review, but if you've had the "Ice Cool" flavor, you'll recognize this one.  It's identical to Lyft Ice Cool and Velo Ice Cool.  When you open the can, you'll encounter a present, semi-sweet smell of peppermint with a dab of menthol.  The pouches are slim, and semi-most.  They're pretty soft to the touch, and feel good under the upper lip.  Being a mint product, you'll encounter a cooling presence under the upper lip.  The flavor is a straight up taste of mint.  The peppermint is present, and has a subtle sweetness to it.  I notice a little menthol in the background, as well.  In the strength, the regular one delivers right at the normal strength level.  The x-strong one has quite a kick to it, and feels to deliver right at the extra strong mark.  The flavor on both of these hangs out for about 45 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

If you've had Lyft or Velo Ice Cool before, you already know what you're in for:  a major taste of mint.  If you like peppermint nicotine pouches, you'll enjoy these.  Lyft/Velo are some of the highest quality on the market in Europe today, and this one is no exception.  I rated them at 3.17/5 for the two products.  I don't really use a lot of nicotine pouches myself, but I think people who enjoy this sort of thing would be pleased with these.  I found these on Snusdirect, so if you want to check them out, they're in stock there!

Lyft Cool Air available for purchase at!