Juice Head Raspberry Lemonade Mint (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 5 May 2022.

About a year ago, I reviewed NIIN Nicotine Pouches. Now, a year later, we're checking out another product by the Streamline GroupJuice Head Nicotine Pouches!  It's funny, prior to this review I wasn't too familiar with Juice Head, but after I posted that I was reviewing these I heard from a lot of people that apparently Juice Head makes some pretty impressive e-liquid flavors.  Now, what's interesting about these products it that they are said to be fruit forward, and to have a "unique, premium, fruit-first, mint-second flavor profile".  These also have ZTN (zero tobacco nicotine), which means the nicotine is completely synthetic and not derived from tobacco.  So, when you're using these, you're getting a 100% tobacco free experience.  

In this review, we're talking about the Raspberry Lemonade Mint flavor.  Juice Head pouches come in a 10 gram can, and contain 20 pouches, for 0.5 grams each.  There are two strengths available:  6mg and 12mg.  

Going into this review, I was curious to see how fruit-forward these were.  Honestly, a lot of times when you get a product that has a flavor mixed with mint, usually most of the flavor is mint with the other components buried behind it.  This line is different, the mint is behind the other flavors.  This one has a nice, summery aroma to it.  I pick up an aroma of tart lemon mixed with a ripe smell of raspberry.  There's some mint that comes in from the back, but it doesn't overtake the fruit smell.  The pouches are the slim format, lighter in weight, and moderately dry.  They also come with a subtle cooling sensation under the lip.  In the flavor profile, there's a tangy taste of lemon, accompanied by a fresh, ripe, juicy strawberry flavor.  There's a minty freshness to the taste, but it's not major, and it doesn't overtake the flavors of the fruit components.  In the strengths, the 6mg is lower, feeling about the regular strength level.  The 12mg one has a little extra kick to it, feeling just a little above the regular strength mark.  For these pouches, I find the flavor to last around 40-50 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

Going into this, I didn't know much about Juice Head.  But hearing friends rave about how flavorful their e-liquids are made me curious.  And, they were right.  Juice Head pouches do pack a lot of flavor to them! For this flavor, I rated the 12mg one at 3.5 and the 6mg one at 3.42.  Mainly because I like the higher strength more.  With the weather getting warmer, I found the flavor on this one to be intriguing, and one that definitely fits in with the summer weather.  If you're like me and like pairing flavors with seasons, this sits just right in the summertime!  But honestly, you could use it anytime.