Hit Apelsin (Orange) Nicotine Pouches - Review. 18 May 2022.

GN Tobacco has released another product in their Hit Nicotine Pouches series, this one with the flavor of orange!  GNT launched Hit Nicotine Pouches a few months ago, and is adding to the lineup with this release.  While I wasn't too impressed with the original 4 releases, this one is much better than the ones I've had before.  I found the one recently on Snusdirect.com, so I'm going to share their flavor description:  "For the taste of freshly squeezed, sweet, tangy orange, HIT Apelsin hits the mark! The flavor profile is balanced to perfection in sweetness and sourness and has an impressively natural taste, which is tough to achieve".  Each can weighs 15 grams and has 20 portions, for 0.75 grams each.  The nicotine content is 20mg/g (2.0%), or 15mg/pouch.

Orange isn't a common flavor in snus or nicotine pouches, so I was pretty intrigued to check this one out.  I'm a big fan of anything citrusy, though, so going into this one I knew I'd probably end up liking it anyway.  Opening the can, it's definitely orange!  It's a tart, natural, present smell of orange.  The pouches are smaller, and seem shorter than a regular pouch.  They're semi-moist, and pretty soft under the upper lip.  The flavor profile is quite good.  The orange is front and center.  It's present, tart, and natural.  The nicotine strength on this one feels to be about the strong level.  The flavor, on average, hangs out for about 40-45 minutes.  All in all, not a bad product at all!

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.25/5.  I definitely think it's better than the first four hit products I tried out.  The orange flavor is such an uncommon one, it really makes this one stand out.  It's a little stronger than I prefer, but I'm not the target audience for this product.  If you like citrusy tastes and a stronger product, you're the one they're looking for with Hit.  I found it on Snusdirect, so if you want to check it out, you can grab it from there!

Hit Nicotine Pouches are available from SnusDirect.com.