Copenhagen Long Cut (American Moist Snuff/Dip) - Review. 16 November 2021.

Recently I announced that is getting back to basics - and that means more tobacco content. I've had some requests to review American moist snuff/dipping tobacco, and as a tobacco enthusiast I figured what the heck, why not. I'm a snus guy, don't get me wrong. But I do enjoy all things tobacco! I still believe snus to be the best harm reduced option for smokeless tobacco enjoyment/smoking cessation. But these products are a fun break from time to time. The Copenhagen brand itself goes all the way back to 1822. The founder, George Weyman, actually based Copenhagen off an old Swedish Snus recipe! It's made by USST (an Altria company), and contains 100% American tobacco! 

Product Details 
Flavor Description: "Crafted and ready to pack or pinch. It’s our classic dark tobacco with a smoked hardwood flavor." 
Can Contents: 1.2oz / 34.02g 
Nicotine Strength: Sources put it at 13.9mg/g.

Of course, American moist snuff is a fermented product. This means that you'll need to spit your saliva. Traditionally, it is put in the lower lip. However, as a snuser, I don't use it the regular way. I take a pinch (without packing the can), and throw it in my upper lip. That means less salivary gland contact and less spit. Basically, I use it like regular lös snus.

When you open the can, the smokiness greets you right up front.  The tobacco base is rich, and earthy.  I pick up hints of hickory in the aroma, as well.  The tobacco is long cut, and I find it's pretty moist and pinches pretty easily.  Once under the lip the flavor develops pretty quickly.  Comparing this one to Copenhagen Natural Extra Long Cut, I do notice a few differences.  This one seems a little smokier, for one.  The smoke taste in this one is quite clear.  The tobacco base on this one seems to be a little more present and robust.  The wood notes seem to be about the same, and remind me of flavors of oak, with a little bit of hickory.  In terms of strength, it feels to be about the regular level.  I can usually keep it packed for about 45-50 minutes, and I get the flavor profile pretty clearly the whole time, with just a little fade out on the back end.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I think Copenhagen Natural ELC has a better flavor to it, but this one isn't bad.  This one is a little heavier in the smoke department than I usually prefer.  But, it's still tasty and pretty well balanced.  One thing I like about dip tobacco is there are so many products with a tobacco flavor.  We don't have that in the world of snus, it's one reason I've enjoyed checking these products out.  In the end, this one rated at 3.67/5.  Not a bad product, but I think Natural ELC has a better flavor.  


  1. Chad it would be awesome if you could review Copenhagen Snuff. It's a classic piece of Americana, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it (I know you don't do dip reviews as much) hope you're well

  2. I second that comment! I’ll even send it to you if you want some! Copenhagen Snuff is about as iconic American as you can get. My grandma used to pinch every morning before making breakfast


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