Lundgren's Norrland (Stark White) - Review. 25 October 2021.

When it comes to the entire Lundgrens series, their Norrland variant is my personal favorite.  Like with the recently released Skåne Stark White, it appears Fiedler and Lundgren is looking into releasing some more high octane versions of their Lundgrens products.  This one is going to come in the perforated white format and not the slim white format.  But it does come with the FlexLid (an expanding/rubber seal catch lid), which grows the more used portions you put in the top lid.  Pretty cool, in my opinion.  The flavor description on this one says, "A tobacco-centric snus with hints of spruce shoots and mountain flowers".  Each can weighs in at 19.2g, with 22 portions, for 0.87g each.  Regarding the nicotine strength, it seems every store reports something different.  I reached out to F&L to get an exact number, and the correct nicotine level for this product is 13mg/g (1.3%), which would break down to 11.31mg/portion.

When you open the can, an earthy tobacco aroma greets you along with a light floral sweetness.  There are clean notes of spruce, along with a little pine.  The pouches are soft, and plump, and come with a quick flavor release.  I can't use the perforated pouches too much because they can irritate my gums, but I can usually use a few cans before it bugs me.  Not saying that's a bad thing, I just prefer their slim/non-perforated portions more.  The flavor is just as tasty as the regular Lundgrens.  It's outdoorsy, with a clear tobacco base.  There's a subtle floral sweetness to it, along with clear notes of spruce, and pine.  The nicotine level feels about the strong level.  I find the flavor to last about an hour, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

If you've had the regular Lundgren's Norrland Vit, this one is basically the same thing, just with more nicotine.  If you've ever said you wanted a strong version of that one, there you go, this is it.  I rated it at 3.67/5.  I'm not the biggest fan of the perforated pouches, but everything else about this one is great.  It has an amazing flavor, especially if you're an outdoorsy person!

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