Grant Hemp On Ice (CBD Pouches) - Review. 18 May 2021.

I've reviewed a lot of CBD pouches here on since I first tried Cannadips back in February of 2020.  Prior to that, I wasn't too familiar with CBD, but Mrs. Snubie got me into it, and I use CBD pouches daily now.  I'm more partial to the Cannadips range, but I do enjoy trying new ones out!  If you're not familiar with CBD, it's a naturally occurring compound find in the hemp plant. It's good for a lot of things, particularly anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and insomnia (along with a bunch of other things).  I use it a lot for headaches and back pain, and it's great for that and many other things!

As far as this one goes, I saw it on and wanted to try it out.  I liked the can design, so I threw a can in on an order I did not too long ago.  The flavor description for this one from says, "GRANT Hemp on Ice is so sweet. No really! Itʼs the good old hemp flavour with a sweet spearmint tweak. And of course the sweetest CBD".  Each can weighs 10g and has 20 portions, for 0.5g portions.  The CBD content is said to be 20mg/pouch.
What's most interesting about Grant Hemp on Ice is that the aroma smells exactly what I remember marijuana smelling like.  I spent almost two decades in restaurants, so I remember being around that smell.  The portions are pretty soft and comfortable, with a slim fit.  They are a little lighter in weight, but not too small.  In terms of the flavor, it's like minty marijuana.  The aroma carries through to the flavor pretty well, but adds in a touch of mint to it.  In the CBD, I didn't notice too much effect from it, but I think it's because I'm spoiled from Cannadips and the bioavailability of CBD in their pouches.  The longevity of flavor, on average, seems to be about 30-40 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This one ended up at a 3/5 for me.  I didn't notice much CBD from it, but I did find the aroma and flavor to be pretty interesting and unique.  The can design is also pretty solid and reminds me a lot of the old Epok (or current Lyft) cans.  So, not bad, not great, kind of right there in the middle for me.