XRANGE Redesign - 5 January 2021.

To kick off 2020, Swedish Match has done a drastic redesign of the entire XRANGE series.  Yes, the familiar tones of gold for the Göteborgs Rapé cans are gone, and all of the products now have a translucent looking can.  I don't have any in hand yet, but from what I've seen of those who have seen them, the cans are smaller (less plastic, better for the environment), and the star formation has been added to the white portion variants (from what I've heard).  Back in 2019, I reviewed a test can of GR which was slimmer and had the star formation, so I suspect these new cans will be about that size.  I'll work on getting ahold of some of these new cans so I can do proper reviews of these products soon.  Personally, I like the smaller size and the star formation.  However, I much prefer the gold cans to the translucent ones.  In my opinion, the translucent look makes the line look "cheap".  Yes, it is a budget line, so yes, it is going to be cheaper.  But the thing I always liked about XR was it was a cheaper product but without a cheap look or taste.  Who knows, maybe it will grow on me.  Once I have the new cans I'll make sure and do new reviews of the entire XRANGE line.

For now, here's photos of the new cans: