Göteborgs Rapé XRANGE (New Slim Can) - Review. 28 July 2019.

Swedish Match has launched a new-ish version of Göteborgs Rapé XRANGE. This version has three changes: a recyclable can, a slimmer can, and the star formation. Outside of that, it is the same stuff in the can as regular GR XRANGE. This is what Swedish Match says about it: "LESS PLASTIC, SAME CONTENT: XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Portion is now being launched in a smaller, more discreet and more sustainable format. The star formation has been added and it is has as much content as before. Optimized, simply!" Inside the can it appears to be the same thing. The flavor description says, "Light tobacco character with clear elements of lavender and juniper berries, and slight hints of wood and citrus. A slim portion with optimized fit that is dry on the surface with moist content for low drip and a long lasting flavor release." It still comes in a 16.8g can with 20 portions for 0.84g portions, and a nicotine content of 8.5mg/g (0.85%) or 7.14mg/portion.

So, this won't really be a review, as it's the same product I've already reviewed before.  But I wanted to show a comparison between this product and regular GR XRANGE.

The Cans - Top

You can see that the new can (left) is slimmer and slightly smaller than the old can (right).  The new can says "Slim White", and the old can says "Slim Large White".

The Cans - Top

A view from the top.  You can see the new can (top) is slimmer in diameter than the old can (bottom).

The Cans - Side

On the side you can see that the new can (top) is much slimmer than the old can (bottom).  The new can also says "Slim White" instead of XRANGE on the side.  Also, the product details on the side about the fit, portions, and drip that the regular XRANGE can has are removed on the new slimmer can.
Inside The Cans

My favorite part is the star formation.  It adds an element of class.  The new can, left, has the star formation.  The old can, right, did not have the star formation.  It's the same amount of snus in the can, but the new slim can has a much better look.

As far as the snus itself, it's the same product.  I did a review of it back in 2015, and it's still the exact same aroma, taste, and everything.  So if you've had GR XR before, you won't notice a difference with this one.  If you want a full review, check out this article and you can read my thoughts on it.  As far as this new can goes, I love it.  I hope it sticks around and I hope other Swedish Match products go to this slimmer can design as well!