V&You Air (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 18 January 2021.

Today I'm talking about a new nicotine pouch product from V&You in the UK, but this isn't just any nicotine pouch - it's a product that is completely free from flavor.  I've reviewed their other regular flavored nicotine pouches, and I've reviewed their CBD pouches before, so I was curious to check these out.  I know, flavor free sounds strange to some, but there's a segment of the market that is looking to quit smoking/tobacco, but still enjoy nicotine and do it in a product without flavor.  Also, these are a good option for people who want to have a product with a good glass of wine, but enjoy nicotine that doesn't clash with their beverage.  Now, let's talk about this product!  

When it comes to the flavor description (and yes, there is one), it says, "AIR - Completely Flavour Free for those moments when you want the taste of Air".  Each can weighs 10g and has 20 portions, for 0.5g each.  &Focus has a nicotine level of 2/4, which is 10mg/g (1.0%) / 5mg/portion.  &Boost has a nicotine level of 3/4, which is 16mg/g (1.6%) / 8mg/portion.

Since these are basically the same other than the nicotine strength, I'm going to review both of them together.  And these reviews will be relatively simple, since there's no aroma, flavor, or flavor longevity.  But I'll explain that shortly.  When you open the can, there really isn't any aroma to speak of other than the portion material.  So it is, basically, aroma-free.  The portions themselves are slim, a little lighter in weight, but still comfortable under the lip. They are a little on the dryer side.  Now, about the flavor:  there isn't one. I know, no surprise there.  Basically, you can taste a little bit of the portion material, but nothing else.  So, essentially it is flavor free.  In terms of strength, the 2/4 one feels a little less strong than regular strength, and the 3/4 one feels around regular strength, maybe a hair above.  As far as the flavor longevity goes, since there isn't a flavor, it really depends on how long you want the nicotine for.  

Rating and Final Thoughts

When I rated this one, I decided not to rate aroma, flavor, or longevity, because there really isn't anything to speak of in those categories.  This brought my average to 3.25/5.  It's a pretty unique product, and it certainly has a place in the market.  It's not one for me, or one I'd use again, but I can imagine there's people out there who would use and enjoy this sort of thing.  Like I said before, those looking to quit tobacco/smoking, but enjoy nicotine without any added flavor would probably enjoy this one.