Ice Nicopods - Review. 7 December 2020.

A few months ago, I reviewed Ice CBD Pouches, a product made in Iceland.  I was going to review their nicotine pouches, but they recently revamped their lineup, so I was waiting.  Now I have the new and improved Ice Nicotine Pouches in hand, and I'm ready to talk about them!  Today we're covering four products.  In terms of the product itself, they have a lot of similarities, so I'm going to get those out of the way first.  All of the products weigh in at 12 grams, and there's 20 portions per can, or 0.6 gram portions.  The portions are all slim, moderately soft, and comfortable under the lip,  They also all share a similar flavor longevity, lasting between 30 to 40 minutes each.  Now, we can get into the reviews and talk about what differentiates them!

Ice: Permafrost
Flavor:  "Blueberry and Mint"
Nicotine:  24mg/g (2.4%) // 14.4mg/portion

Review:  This one has a present aroma of blueberry, with a touch of menthol in the background.  The taste is milder than the aroma, like with the others, but it's still somewhat present.  There's a natural taste of blueberry, and a light, sweet hint of menthol.  The nicotine feels to be around the extra strong level and packs a solid kick!

Ice: Mountain Melt
Flavor:  "Melon and Pomegranate"
Nicotine:  18mg/g (1.8%) // 10.8mg/portion. 

Review:  When you open the can, a fruity melon aroma greets you.  It's a little tart, and mildly sweet.  The flavor is milder than the aroma in terms of presence.  The melon taste is quite mild, and reminds me of a cantaloupe.  It is a little sweet, but not super sweet.  The nicotine kick is pretty solid and feels to be about the strong level.

Ice: Glacier Breeze
Flavor:  "Apple and Cola"
Nicotine:  18mg/g (1.8%) // 10.8mg/portion

Review:   This one smells great!  There's a sweet cola presence to it, and a hint of fresh apple.  The flavor is milder than the aroma, but it's still tasty.  There's a gentle presence of cola.  It's lightly sweet, and comes with a fresh hint of apple.  The nicotine feels to be right around the strong level.

Ice: Frost
Flavor:  "Double Mint"
Nicotine:  24mg/g (2.4%) // 14.4mg/portion

Review:   This one has a present mint/menthol aroma.  It's a little sweet, but not too overly sweet.  In the flavor, it's not as present as the aroma is.  There's a mild taste of menthol, and then a hint of mint in the background.  The nicotine kicks quite firmly, and feels to be around the extra strong level.

Rating and Final Thoughts

In terms of rating, from highest to lowest, Glacier Freeze came in at 3/5, Mountain Melt at 2.67/5, Permafrost at 2.67/5, and Frost at 2.58/5.  I found these to be much improved over the last time I had them.  In terms of the four products, I liked Glacier Freeze the most; the blend of cola and apple was quite tasty and refreshing.

If you're a nicotine pouch fan and want to try something new, you will probably enjoy these.  The Glacier Freeze one, again, is super tasty, so I definitely suggest checking that one out.