Lundgrens Skåne Vit Mini - Review. 29 September 2020.

The Skåne flavor is the most popular product from Fiedler and Lundgren in the Lundgrens line, it's also the flavor with the most variants!  Today, I'm reviewing the 4th variant in this flavor, this one a white mini portion!  Lundgrens Skåne Vit originally launched back in 2015, and was followed by Skåne Vit Slim in 2017,  and then Skåne Vit Stark in 2020.  This one is different, because it's a mini portion snus, in a mini size can, and it doesn't have the FlexLid.  If you've ever seen the Mocca products from Fiedler and Lundgren in the metal can, this is the same can.  The flavor description for this one is the same as the other Skåne products, "A rich tobacco flavor with meadow flower, spruce needle, and hints of forest berries".  Each can weighs 8g and has 20 portions, for 0.4g portions.  The nicotine strength is 13mg/g, or 1.3%, which is about 5.2mg/portion.

Compared to a regular snus can, you can see it's a little smaller in diameter, and also a little slimmer in width.  The portions are of course smaller than a regular snus portion, but are slim in shape, so they resemble a slim, regular weight snus portion.  Also, I noticed the top of the metal can is quite easy to bend in, so if you push on it to close the can, it'll actually bend the top of the can in.  It's no big deal and doesn't affect the snus, but I did notice that when I would be closing the can.  The catch lid is on the bottom of the can with this one, as well, if you're looking for it. Also, these portions are not the perforated white portions; they are a regular white mini portion.
If you've ever had the regular Lundgrens Skåne flavor, everything is the same with this one, but a smaller can and smaller portions.  The aroma of pine greets you when you open the can, along with a mild tobacco presence, and a light berry smell (which reminds me a bit of a muted cranberry).  The portions are small, slim in size, and moderately soft.  I don't use minis myself, but they are a more discrete option for those looking for that sort of thing.  The flavor profile is quite tasty!  There's a mix of earthy tobacco, a touch of pine, a light hint of spruce, and that dark berry presence.  Again, it reminds me of a muted cranberry and a dry raspberry type of taste.  The nicotine strength, with two, feels to be about the regular level.  The flavor, on average, lasts up to about an hour.

Packaging - 4 - I love the metal can.  The slim size also fits great in the pocket.
Aroma - 4 - If you've had Skåne before, you'll enjoy it.  If not, it's a great, natural type of smell.
Lip - 3 - The portions are smaller than I personally prefer.  But still slim and have a good fit.
Flavor - 4 - A delicious taste.  Very natural, but with the added berry flavor.
Effect - 3 - I have to use two to feel the regular strength that I'm used to.
Longevity - 3.75 - A long lasting flavor!
Average - 3.62 - All in all, not a bad snus!  Just a little smaller and weaker than I personally prefer.

Final Thoughts
I personally don't use minis, but there are people out there who dig this sort of thing.  I imagine it's like when I get excited about a new loose product coming out, because nobody really makes those anymore.  It's another option for people who may be looking for something that tastes good, but with a smaller size!

NOTE:  Lundgren's is sold at  I'm not the biggest fan of the mini, though.  I'd suggest the slim white portion version!  Here's a link to that one -