S'More (Lös) - Review. 2 January 2020.

If you aren't familiar with them, is a snus manufacturer in Ukraine, making quality Swedish Snus exclusively in the loose format.  Not only that, but they keep it old school and produce snus the way God intended - in 50 gram cans.  I've been a big fan of their for years now, and have even made some great collaborations with them:  Snubie Blood Orange and Goji Berry LösSnubie Mr. Bacon Lös, Snubie Bacon and Cheese Lös, and Snubie Cherokee Rose Lös. I've reviewed a lot of their other products, and you can check out those reviews, here.

Product Details: 

Flavor: “You will feel in this snus everything that this American delicacy is made of: Graham crackers with cinnamon, chocolate and roast marshmallows!
Grind: Combo Grind
Contents: 50g
Nicotine: 15-20mg/g

When you open the can, there is a light creaminess to the aroma. I pick up cinnamon, clove, and a mild chocolatey tone, as well. The tobacco smells mild, earthy, and light. The loose itself is moist, soft, and has a quick release of flavor. The combo grind has a bit of a learning curve to it with handbaking, but it's not too hard to get used to. The flavor is a lightly sweet, chocolatey taste with hints of clove, and cinnamon. Behind it, I pick up a mild, gentle, earthy tobacco flavor. The nicotine level feels to be about the strong level, and the flavor lasts about 45-50 minutes on average!  For me, this is one I'd love to take on a camping trip with me, and enjoy while sitting by a roaring fire!